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MATTHEW 19:1-12. Is Christian also had hard hearts why they also participate in DIVORCE?

" So they are no longer two but one. Therefore what God has joined together let man not separate."

I believe the scripture is applicable to all people. colors, races, etc. Why in most places christians participate in this separation? Is the law of the land exempt them from Gods command? Is marital unfaithfulness enough to separate the two that become one?

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i believed God is faithful and just. Bible is not designed for particular races and people. Law of the land cannot over ruled His command. Marital unfaithfulness is not enough to separate the two that become one unless we are hard hearted and disobedient people. Christians couple should be a good example of this not conforming to this separation that the disobedient people did.

Matthew 19:8, Jesus replied, " Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning."

I believee Bible has harmony and we cannot justify disobedient by another verse in the bible.

Scripture is truth. From old to new teatament. Jesus Christ did not come to break the law but to fulfill it.

Moses permitted divorce because of hard hearted disobedience not because it is acceptable or it is justifiable by marital unfaithfulness. I believe the Lord is not trying to break " what God has joined together, let man not separate".

i'm not judging any one here, just clarifying things. Is DIVORCE acceptable in christian community. what does the BIBLE say about it? Is our rights not right with God. What is the perfect perspective in Gods view? is it not possible to follow?

Just enlightenment of Christian stands? Law of the land or Gods word with respect to our submission to the authority of course?


No body is percfect, this world we live in is not perfect. Law of the land is not perfect. Christians are not perfect. But it is not an excuse for us not  to live in righteousness thru the grace of Lord Jesus Christ in the light of the Scripture. Christians should set a good example and not to conform in the ways of this world.


Do you believe wife-beating is a good enough excuse to get a divorce? What if your husband (or wife) cross dressed? How would a wife feel who came home and found her husband parading around the house with woman's clothing and full make-up? Does constant pornography qualify as unfaithfulness? If these men refuse to change, should a woman be free to divorce? These are very difficult questions. I personally believe that perversion qualifies an individual to divorce and remarry. I can't imagine God expecting a wife or husband for that matter, remaining in an abusive relationship. I know that not all marriages are perfect but some are over the top. It is very difficult for us to sit in judgment of those situations.

Marriage is a union of two different individuals. The two different individuals become one in everyhting.

Marriage vows to God not to people says " For better or worse, in richer or poorer, in sickness of health, till death do us part."

Before we take this vows. What is marriage to us? Just a simple ceremony or a commitment for a lifetime?

Is this woman and man i would chose to marry is for trial only? if it didn't work out just divorce and re-marry? If christians marriage is blessed by God, do we think  any of the two will hurt each other that will lead to divorce? Is the correction of the bible will not mend that marriage? Is not the beating, physical and verbal abuse a results of our unGodly decisions? Nobody is perfect of course but is this imperfectness would be enough reason for divorce? or we just don't believe that God can do miracles and wonder in this bad circumstances? I believe space and time is enough but divorce and re-marry is not Godly and not God designed from the beginning.


The reason Jesus made the statement that marital unfaithfulness was grounds for divorce was because sometimes circumstances require a change in plans. Have you ever made a pledge and not kept it? Have you ever promised someone something but then unable to fulfill your promise because of some circumstance beyond your control. If a person promises to pay a debt but loses his job, he is forgiven of the debt. We owe God so much but our debts are forgiven. Sometimes we just cannot fulfill our promises no matter how much we want to. God forgives us for those debts. You are to ask Him everyday to forgive you of your debts. Perhaps you are in a position that you do not want have any debts and demanding that others have no debts as well. Again, sometimes circumstances require a change of plans. That is what forgiveness is all about.

Father, forgive my debts as I forgive those who are indebted to me. In Jesus Name.

Does it means we christian should endorse separation by divorce  cause by marital unfaithfulness and abuses? So the words " what God put together let no man separate." optional already? Are you willing to separate from your wife because of marital unfaithfulness or abuses? maybe marriage vows it can be optional also? Maybe we could forgive the marital unfaithfulness and abuses of our lifetime partner? Does forgiveness weigh less than divorce? Does our promises is to God or to our partners? We are not perfect thats why we need Gods grace not law of the land to guide our christian life.


Do we advocate divorce? The answer has to be "No." However, we understand the weaknesses of our brothers and sisters and our own as well. Sometimes circumstances create situations that come down to the point of being irreconcilable. When you set the standard as high as you are, you create a situation that many cannot measure up and consequently either depart or fall away. You are not exercising the art of forgiveness which trumps the standard. We do not advocate divorce or sin of any kind but recognize that it is very much a part of our lives. Therefore, we approach God each day and ask Him to forgive our debts as we forgive other debtors. The standard remains but we are forced to live below the standard due to our weaknesses. We long for the day when the weaknesses are gone but that day is not now. You lie if you say that you are living above your weaknesses. We wrestle each day and often we win, sometimes almost always as we grow and mature. But, eventually we fall and again we pray for forgiveness.

This approach does not advocate sin but recognizes its reality in our lives. When Jesus instructed us to pray for forgiveness, He was showing us the way to be able to live with ourselves as we so often fall beneath the standard. So, what do we do with the divorced person? We forgive them as Christ does. Truth or the standard is not compromised. But we are able to move on in our fallen world and in our fallen condition. In the spirit you are perfect. In the flesh you will continue to struggle and you begin to understand the difference. Since I know you are a human I know you have broken promises. Be careful about setting yourself up so high that you become the judge for others. How many out there have broken their promise to their spouses? Yet, God loves and will forgive each one. I have not been divorced but there is a series of broken promises in my life. How often have I said to God that I will never do that again only to find myself once again guilty of weakness? The standard is not compromised but I am able to continue because He is faithful to forgive and divorce is just one of those sins He promises to forgive.






Lord Bless,


Dear Roy,


your friend and brother,



 I agree with your post. GODS law does not allow divorce except by death of spouse or fornication of your spouse... or if your spouse leaves you , the bible says... not to stop them , to let them go.. Many misunderstand what the word fornication consist of  . Its any lewd lascivious acts unlawfull in (GODS EYES) not mans eyes, for they count for nothing on judgement day... Fornication includes & can be committed by married people also... idolatry, adultery,incest,harlotry,pedophillia, prostitution, exposing ones self , etc..

 Christ made GODS LAW clear to all in Mat19:9.....

GOD does not expect us or our children to live in an abusive relationship....GET OUT FAST ... you & your children.. seek safety... try to reconcile with your spouse if possible. For the bible says your body & mind are the temple of GOD, & it should not be abused by yourself or any one else... physically or mentaliy...

SO fornication is the only reason you are permitted to remarry in GODS eyes........Any other reason is sin... . No excuses like

 1 I dont love my spouse any more.

 2 I have fallen in love with another person

 3 WE are not compatable any longer.

4 I am unhappy, "they"d be better off without me I was only looking or thinking ,it was not my fault ,it was theirs & the list of man made excuses is never ending....Any reason to rebell against GOD,   to satisfiy & justify ourselves in our oun eyes as well as others

 SO we either choose to follows Christ as he said  in (MAT 19:9) keep his commandments  or choose our man made ones which is a carnal desire of the flesh in what we want , putting this (lust  sexual desires )  before GOD  which is idolatry...


Is God standard our standard? Gods standard is high and ours is low and sinful in nature. Is it my standard i'm setting or just making clarification here? Do we stand at Humans flaws and weakness? Is it anything impossible with God?  Does the things we see irrevocable, irrevocable with God? Are we  limiting Gods love for the two that been put together by His word? Divorced people need the love of our Lord Jesus Christ the more especiallly in this trying times. God is close to the broken hearted.

Romans 7: 2-3   By law a married woman is bound to to her husband as long as he is alive..........................

Is marital unfaithfulness and abuses makes us free from the bond of marriage? which to follow God or law of the land?

FORGIVENESS  can mend the irrevocable... not separate the two...


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