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Sometimes I feel like a failure because I'm taking medications for depression.  I feel if I had enough faith in the Lord I wouldn't have had the depression.  Is anyone else experiencing this?







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Short answer: Yes.  But I haven't been suicidal since I *stopped* taking medication 9yrs ago, and I didn't hear from God until after that time.  I'm not sure how many medications interfere with a person spiritually, but some certainly have very bad side effects or can give intolerable levels of anxiety.

I don't believe you have depression because you didn't have "enough faith", or else you would have to fault people like Job, Elijah, King David etc in the Bible for not having enough faith due to having experienced depression too.  

Greg, what is the abundant life that Jesus came so that we might have? Is it health, wealth, and prosperity?

StrivingforGod, please check with your doctor before starting or stopping any medications. Medications such as anti-depressants are often given because there is a chemical imbalance in the brain and the meds help re-balance those chemicals. Sometimes the brain can no longer make the chemicals and therefore the meds do what the brain is unable to do. It is the same for physical ailments, such as when the pancreas stops making insulin and diabetics must take insulin. God sees you and sees what you are going through. There are many forms of depression and just as many causes. The person who has a  heart attack--do we ask him where was your faith?


Greg, your words are very hurtful and very accusatory. Please clarify what you mean by

Amanda, you are playing a dangerous game on this site. I sure hope you got some good answers like this for your maker when you see him.


Greg, my relationship with my Maker is between God and me.

Many people already fear it means that they aren’t trusting God enough because they got sick and then we add to their pain and suffering by making them feel guilty for seeking healing and help which may include needing surgery or medications. You ask for evidence in Scripture and I cannot find one verse in Scripture that says God is opposed to the use of medicine, and in fact he seems to have created some plants to be used specifically for medicinal purposes. The Bible refers to a special balm in Gilead (Jeremiah 8:22; 46:11). Wine and myrrh were mixed together as a painkiller (Mark 15:23), and a poultice of figs was heated and applied to a boil (Isaiah 38:21).

Luke was a physician, but not one of the twelve apostles as far as I know. The poor woman with the issue of blood spent all her living upon physicians seeking healing and do you know was God's will to heal her...but not via that route...and that does not mean it is wrong for those who do go that route. The woman in fact broke God's law on the day she was healed. She was not supposed to touch Jesus, who was a man, in her condition, according to God's law. God is merciful and I think He was glorified more through the way she was healed than if the physicians had been able to help His will is best...and we should always seek His will. That story in no way supports your case that medicines are witchcraft.

Judge not least you be judged.

Lol! I sometimes feel as if I am no longer a person but just a thing to be cast away.

Greg, do you know how many people on this site take medications? You have just accused them all of witchcraft.

According to your theology, can anyone who takes medication for chronic illness go to heaven?

Greg, I asked you what is your definition of the abundant life in Christ? I never said it does not exist. Many people see this differently and so I asked you what you believe is the abundant life in Christ? Do you believe it is wealth, health, and prosperity?

I agree Char. We do not want StrivingforGod to go off of medications based on anything anyone says here on this site. That is a personal and professional decision to be made between a doctor and a patient and this is a very dangerous territory into which I fear to tread anyway.

As for myself, I neither prescribe medications because I am not a doctor nor do I take any medications for my depression. But that is my business. Not Greg's. And what I do is not a rule for others to live by. Depression is a very serious medical condition. We don't need to add guilt and shame to those burdened by it.

I don't work in a pharmacy either but my pharmacist is not a witch doctor.



One has to define what Jesus meant by "Abundant life." We know that life, the fullness of life is not based on this earthly existence, but rather our connection to the Living Savior. We are clearly told that we will have trials and tribulations in this life. This life will be hard as we live in a fallen world, with fallen people, in the the fallen flesh with an enemy that wishes nothing less than our destruction.


If our abundance is focused on this life alone we will be let down, for our abundance includes the here and now and all of eternity, for it is all based on and found in Christ. How many have been imprisoned, beaten and killed for the sake of the name of Jesus. Their abundance was not in the flesh, though God often blesses us in that realm, our abundance is in Jesus Himself.


Here is a simple test regarding the living the abundant life .... If all I had was Jesus would I be content? If the answer is no, then things still have control over my life and stand in the way of living an abundant life ....


Regarding medications: Jesus is our Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King. The Scripture does not teach that He will heal every ailment ... in fact we all are appointed physical death. There are factors but that is for another discussion. God does not speak against medicine being applied to help people. In fact He has blessed it. The organization I am with has two working hospitals in remote areas of the world and many substations around the world. Many thousands of people have been helped physically and introduced to the Living Savior and coe to salvation in Christ.


On a personal note: My mother lost her mind several years before she died. There were no demons involved and she loved Jesus. The flesh will fail and is failing from the day we are born ... all we have to do is look in the mirror. Without medication she was a zombie, with medication she had a fairly normal life.

I agree with what you're saying Greg, and I'm aware of all of what you spoke of (except the bit about the Greek pharmacist).  The Pharmaceutical companies are wicked and exist to exert control over society in various ways.  They (the Pharameceutical companies/industry) have a lot to answer for but I can't see them answering for it until Jesus comes back, as they have the world completely blinded to their evils.


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