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I have a serious demon situation! Many unwelcome energy forms in my body and my apartment. I have been praying and asking God for help. I have tried many things to get rid of these demon's. I have been searching for a deliverance minister and there are none in my area. I think these things are going to kill me. They speak. Can anyone help me? I believe my life, my daughters life, her husbands life and their cats lives as well as there souls are all in serious danger! Please help us!

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1. You need deliverance of your sinful life. Which only comes through believe in Christ, Repentance, acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus on your behave and declaration that Jesus is Lord of your life.
Demons do exist and come in many forms, zoom into the thing standing in this abandoned House where I worked as a security guard. It's my personal picture that I took and I think it's one of many demons interfering with my life. Please do not share online, it's been copyrighted (rebuke it!)

Don't worry we pray for you




" humble yourselves before God.

Resist the Devil,

and he will flee from you"

 (James 4:7).



If you are saved then don't worry. demons can't hurt you if you are saved becuse you are are Gods and the devil has no hold over you. still keep on praying and trust in god. I was attacked just last night but i made through it because i took refuge in Jesus. I just kept repeating his name because if their is one thing the devil and his demons hate the most its the name of Jesus and songs to God. I prayed and prayed and told myself over and over that they couldn't hurt me and that God was watching over me. I got the sense at one point in time that God was telling me to cast them out in jesus name Since his name has the power to do that along with many other remarkable things. Once I did that I felt utter peace and for the rest of the night i was not bothered. That doesn't mean that they won't come back though but its okay God is there and He loves you. It is scary but I will pray for you.  

Plead the blood of Jesus over your household and have no fear at all! Don't let those things know you have fear.Praise God all day long,confess all sins and your family sins.

My husband as possessed by a demon it caused him to become an alcoholic. He did not believe in God at the time, but after the demon spoke to me and scared me very badly I persuaded him to talk to the local vicar. He has since dedicated his life to God. After he as detoxed he got Baptised on Easter Sunday three years ago and has not had a drink since.

I ill pray for you and your family Jody and I hope other members will too. Remember you are not alone, satan is testing you but he cannot harm you if you ask God yo protect you. God Bess. x


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