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.Hi all.

Just thought I would say hi. Gee, 2014?16? I was here last.

Anyway, God has been good to me. He truly made me peacefull.

I keep praying, and need to pray more.


My former wife had a stroke, and will be in assisted living for the rest of her life.So, my daughter asked me to help move her, so will do that Friday.

Still single, but praying for a wife...

(Ain't getting any younger!)

Finances are in order (THAT took years!)

My best friend of 40 years past, so last year I took a.... l....o....n...g... trip to NY, Georgia, NC. I visited with many people I have not seen in years, good Christian brothers and sisters, cousins..... My friend passing  stirred me not just to visit, but be the gospel.


Finally got my dream car...I drove a Charger wayyyyyyy back in 1975



Regularly attending the Fellowship Of Believers in Sarasota.

PS, several members are no longer here or active I see. Michele, Rue Bear...

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