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I have been wondering this for awhile, is it possible for those who were once saved to be denied eternity with God if they have strayed? At what point can we fairly make an assumption that someone is no longer saved? I have heard that once saved always saved, and also that we can lose our salvation, so I am confused.

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Ahh thanks lol!

God bless :-) :-)

btw, all your posts are very informative, sensitive and right on the mark (at least in my book lol) You are a true blessing here Lt!!
And some seek the answer because of a feeling of insecurity as to their salvation. My son-in-law is one of the most devout Christians that I know. My daughter says he rolls out of bed and onto his knees every morning to pray before anything else. Yet he went through a period of time where he thought that he could lose his salvation. It took his father (a pastor) and myself many conversations with him and many Bible searches to convince him that he couldn't lose his salvation.
Now, several years later, he is glad to take up the conversation with anyone because he is convinced of his salvation. By the way, somewhere in the Old Testament, I found a verse or verses that spoke of this backsliding into hell and the example was a story about loading a roped animal into a cart. Do you know that one? I can't seem to find it now.
Thanks if you do, and thanks if you don't.
In Christ,

I agree. I did not include that one because it was in the post I was responding to.
But, you are absolutely correct :-)

Praise God for his growth and positive testimony.
The account from Scripture does not ring a bell.

Lord Bless,
Hi Charles,

Yes..Thank you so much for this testimony of God's greatness and faithfulness. Your testimony Glorifies God. Praise Him, He will never leave us nor forsake us. You are a true Blessing here brother.

I hope you do not simply observe in the forums, as you have so much to offer here....I love to read your posts. They are real, and filled with Love and Compassion, and understanding... A beautiful reflection of our Lord.

In His Great Love, Carla

Blessings, Carla
Yes, I was wandering in lust for 20 years. Yet Jesus did dot allow me to go on unchained.
Last July, I was rebuked by Jesus in visions.
Self deleivered, I am now feeling FREE, from the evil ones.
It is true, because Jesus never forsake us.
There will be warnings, graceful ones to the expected ones... If the words grow in you .
Keep praying, because even my wife was converted despite my wanderings...
That was really a miracle because our love was on the rocks...

Mathew 6:9 and 4:4 keeps us wondering that WORDS of God speak !
Praise Him,
Glory to your grace and mercy, halleluyah !
I was uncertain really about how saved was I until I had a fearful testimony.
I was depressed after loosing my job, a job which truly planned by Jesus...
I felt betrayed, very upset and had a vision;
" I am leaving you... " I asked who are you ?
To my shocking, I am You !,
I repented immediately and bow down to ask for mercy. What is the punishment of sins ?
I replied ... " DEATH "
Now I am free, my wife accepted Christ too out of my expectations though I had prayed for it...
So, Salvation is by GRACE, Jesus does not allow our spirit be taken away, Flesh is Flesh, Spirit is Spirit.
And Jesus whisper many times in my ears, " Come home....son ", halleluyah.
I have read many of the replies to this thread, and which ever side of the "fence" you are on, the most important thing is being saved(born again). And that we can all get along in love and discuss our views without judging one another, and grow and learn and draw closer to God and seek his will for our lives. We can find scripture to support both sides, but I believe we can loose our salvation.Why would God have all the requirements to get to get saved, but not have requirements to maintain that salvation? The problem I have with the OSAS, is there are too many warnings in the Bible of what the consequences of sin are, and if a person walks away from God after they are saved, and they are not rooted and grounded in the Lord, what is too keep them thinking "I was saved so I will still go to heaven"? I know alot of people will say they weren't really saved, but I've seen people that I know received the Holy Spirit,and salvation, and they have gotten so far away from God and live like all the other sinners in the World. So how can we think, they will make it to heaven? The Bible Says the people that make it to Heaven are the one's that do the Will of the Father. What about the one's that aren't?I just think it is dangerous to believe OSAS. This is just my opinion.I look forward too reading what everyone else thinks. God Bless !
What are the requirements to get saved from your perspective?

Lord Bless,
I do agree with you, truly only God knows 100%. But when someone gets up from an altar, crying in and weeping, and confessing God as their Lord and savior, and you notice the changes they've made in their life, and their works for the Lord, and you develop close relationships and get to know them. You can tell the holy spirit lives in them. Only God can make that kind of change in a persons life.

thanks for paying attention to detail. i should have noticed that. God Bless!
I am no brainy scholar and I 'm not real flash on remembering bible verses that well , but ,the way I look at this is that when you are saved you are saved,meaning God will not let you fall all the way, when you do fall ,and we all fall at some time or ,other .This falling is our testing of our faith so God can see how we react and handle different situations, after all we are only children to Him and children learn by their mistakes,this I think is sanctification ,when we try not to go back down the wrong path and instead work on trying to become more like Jesus.When we see someone fall and we think he is not going to get back on track or that he is going to lose his salvation ,arent we just looking at it in a human sense,how are we to tell where that person is up to in his testing (this is where judging comes into it)only God can know where this individual is up to ,the best thing we can do as christians seeing one of our brothers,or sisters in this condition is to lean on the Holy Spirit to help to get him back on track,testing is then passed back on to us in a way to see how we handle this individuals situation.When we talk about losing our salvation,I think that can only happen if we dont recieve it in the first place, a bit like getting a ticket to go to the racing ,and you dont use it.I hope I have made a little bit of sense and that this has'nt already been covered in your previous discussions (my time on the net is limited so I cant read everything),if someone can get a little bit out of this then that is all I pray for.Thank you anyone for taking the time to read this,and Gods speed for now,Andrew.

Your are confusing salvation with sanctification. Salvation, the act of being saved, is part of the being born again experience. Sanctfication is two fold after salvation (being born again has come). 1) It is a crisis experience in that we recognize that we cannot live the Christian life own our own in our own strength. We recognize that we need the power and strength of God living through us in order to truly live for Him. This is the time where we surrender all to Jesus and receive the Holy Spirit. 2) It is progressive in that it is a daily walk/surrender and a life long growth process as guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Regarding whether one can lose their salvation I will simply say the answer is "No" and will refer you back tot he many previous comments on this issues that go into quite a bit of detail.

Lord Bless,
I certainly appreciate another persons perspective on this, and have been giving alot of thought to this subject due to my own struggle with sin.
I have read all of the scriptures that you referred and you would think that that aught teach me once again of our Fathers true mercy, but again I struggle and struggle and struggle along.
It was truely helpful to be reminded of Peter's denial and Jesus true loving action in drawing him into his arms.
And you are right, so many many things in the bible are examples of Gods unfailing love, unfailing patience and mercy towards us.
Even so much as the story of the forgotten son, drawn back in the arms of his father, treated like royalty and adorned with celebration and love.
Our own children sin against us time and time again, and we even know in our hearts they do it without ignorance at times, willingly and deliberately at times.
And we forgive them again and again.
How much more perfect is the love of our Father!
May God bless you and use every word you speak in his honour, for the power of those words, the very words that were written for our instruction and use to assist us to have a relationship with our Father still stand today to break the chains.



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