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Can Ariel Castro be convicted of murder by acts that led to the termination of pregnancy?

The kidnapping of the three girls in Cleveland, OH has many people's attention. I know many are praying that the now young ladies can recover from the horrendous experiences they shared over the last nine years. Now, additional information is surfacing about the pregnancies of at least one of the young ladies, Michelle, who is saying that she was impregnated five times and then starved and beaten to end the lives of those babies. Can Castro be convicted of murder for the termination of these lives? Apparently he can be - in Ohio anyway. That, of course, will lead to the question of pr0-lifers (of which I am one) that believe it is murder every time a baby's life is ended by what many just term an abortion. The word "abortion" for this procedure is an extremely lacking description. What do you think? Is Castro guilty of murder? 

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I don't know if he is guilty, I'm not there and I'm not on the jury who's going to listen to the evidence, all we have are statements in the press and the prosecution. The fact the prosecution is pushing for them to be included is interesting but it has yet to ruled on whether they can. But I get where you're going with this.

It's a very difficult one for me as I'm still on the fence somewhat. I can empathize with aspects of both sides of the discussion. In this specific scenario, there's many questions that need to be answered before any judgement can be made in my view

If these guys are not guilty of kidnapping those girls, then the girls would be need to be prosecuted for slander. My question is if these guys did kidnap the girls, and the one impregnated at least one of them five times, then purposely ended that pregnancy with starvation and beatings, is he guilty of murder? 

If this man did the things that this woman said he did to end her pregnancy's then I say he should be held accountable for murder 5 times. I don't know if its true or not but I read that this man said he was addicted to sex. I cringed when I read that. Is this going to be his defense?  You know, like hey it isn't my fought because I got this addiction and its a disease. Even if he  didnt kill the unborn babys , he should get life sentence for every day he stole from these young women. 


I believe the girl, so he should get the death penalty. May he receive Christ in his incarceration. Prison will be hell for him, if they give him life. Inmates torture folks that have committed the types of crimes he is guilty of. Allowing him to live would be a huge punishment. He will be torture every chance imamates get.


They should give him 5 counts of murder. Yes, he is guilty of murder, as is anyone that kills the unborn.

DV, Why did you edit your comment here. Your comment is my thought too. I was nicer in my comment too than what I was thinking so I understand.



I am trying to be nice about it. That crazy dude remains a human being that needs God.

Yet you're for the death penalty.....interesting, how do you reconcile those 2 beliefs?

Theres a big difference between death penalty of a monster who murders and mutilates  an innocent baby .  Than one who has done nothing wrong -------> the unborn or even the born

I have always been for the death penalty, for the word of God is for the death penalty. God has no problem killing the wicked and has given the government the right to bear the sword of justice. Even as a crazy man (I am no longer a crazy man hahaha, I am now a crazy pastor hahaha) going to prison, I was for the death penalty. I seen pure evil in the prison system and for some there, there is no repenting and they have no business being allowed to live to kill others while they serve their time.


No need to reconcile what doesn't need to be reconcile. Killing the wicked is not the same as killing the unborn, not the same at all.

There's another anomaly here, too -- that God allows people to make choices and therefore allows one to be either pro-choice or pro-life. Yet, sin is sin.

It is amazing to think of the latitude that God gives man. Look at the effect these men's hellish decisions had on the lives on these ladies. I am glad God is God and I am me. God is very powerful. He is certainly showing us how despicable man can really be. It is no wonder that at one time He destroyed every living human but eight throughout the entire earth. It is obvious that at one point God will stop the sinfulness of mankind. I cannot imagine these kinds of acts. Life is precious and we should strive to protect life. I would never condemn a young girl for deciding for abortion but I certainly do condemn the society that encourages her to do so as a viable way out of her problem.

It is difficult for me to imagine how weak this man's mind must be to allow Satan to control his every thought. There is no question in my mind that God requires a nation to put to death the man that does these things. Yet, He allowed Cain to live. Cain did seem to think that his punishment was one worse than death. It could be that David has something when he says what would happen to this man in prison. Can this man be saved or he is already so reprobate that he is beyond salvation? I have to completely trust God with that one. I do pray for God's will to be done.

In Matthew 15, Jesus says, 19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander. 20 These are what defile a person ...

The human heart really is desperately wicked. Still, everyone born has a sense of what is good and what is evil. The hard heart seems to harden more and more. We who have received soft hearts ought to be very thankful. There's a saying, If not for the grace of God, there go I.

Yes, God has given us liberties and God has even allowed mankind the liberty to think sin can be "legalized" in such ways as to permit abortionists to abort babies. I was reading the original (not the modern and modified) Hippocratic Oath on the wall one day not too long ago in the doctor office of my son's doctor. Have you ever read it? It speaks of abortion. It's interesting how any doctor is able to perform an abortion because of an unwanted pregnancy. Ronald Reagan said he believed that interrupting a pregnancy is the taking of a human life. Beating and starving a pregnant woman to cause a miscarriage is definitely taking a human life.


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