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I started reading through a list of Bible verses I got from the web that deal with Satan. While reading from the Book of Genesis about the devil's attempt to decieve Eve I noticed the words used:

"Did God really say?" the devil asks (Genesis 3:1)

This reminded me of one of my own faults. Sometimes I try to find loopholes in God's teaching. I say to myself, "Maybe that is not what God means" and go searching through the Bible, or on websites or in books, for some alternate interpretation my worldly self prefers.

Of course what I need to do is ask God directly, "Is this what you mean? Please explain it to me?"

Does anyone else recognise their own mindset in the devil's words to Eve?

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Hello Eden,
I am quilty of this at times, especially when I do not understand a subject. I ask why or other scripture will bounce back to me and then the scripture of God is not a God of confusion and then the peace of the Holy Spirit comes in and says leave it to God. He will show you in His time.
Right now I have been studying the subject of "Sleeping in Jesus", after we pass from this world.The Lord always sends me back to what Jesus says and this is enough for the moment.
Also I myself have been decieved by another's scripture use. And that was because of my own ignorance. (no excuses)
Satan masquerades as an angel of light, Eve looking at beauty and not knowing good and evil, she just didn't know God was protecting her by His command. (no excuse again).
However, the Temptation of Jesus is so awesome. He knew His Word perfectly! Every scripture satan tried to trick Jesus with backfired! Praise to our God and King!

God Bless You,
Thanks Mercy777, you are right, God will give us all the answers we need in time.


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