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right when i was 15 i said the pray and that was it i felt no change and i thought i was really saved but i think i may need to go back and i because there was no transformation had really happened to me 

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I appreciate  you and thank you for your question.

Salvation is a work of God in a person, a lot happens when a person is saved and there is a deep desire to know God more. Good Works are done out of a living faith that automatically moves us to please God. 

If you have never experienced a change in your life then there is a good chance you are not born again. There is a lot more to this topic. I will get back to it in a bit.

You are a different person. now than when you were 15 why not rededicate your life Christ
Ask yourself...

Do I want to do what God says?

Do I hate when I mess up or act inappropriately to God's Word?

Do I try to do right and pray about it?

If the answers are yes, then you are saved. Unsaved people do not feel they are doing wrong nor care if they please God.

Whether you feot a change or not isn't an indicator as we walk by faith and not by sight. We can't rely on our feelings.
Hi, Matthew. praise the Lord.
How is your spiritual situation like now?


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