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Am I going through testing? Questions about blasphemy and restoration.

I am being 100% honest with all community members here with a few issues I am struggling with. I backslid last year, unfortunately it is embarrassing that I did, and I have repented last year and began to do everything I can to do to build my relationship with God from that point on. 

1) Can we commit blasphemy by ignoring the Holy Spirit's warnings, I feel like I have because my life has basically fallen apart as a result of consequences from backsliding. Nothing is the same, I have lost everything. I am ashes now. Waiting for God to build something out of this wreck of my own creation. 

2) I feel bad about my sins and sinning so is that a sign of God drawing me back, and I have not committed this sin? 

3) can God rebuild and restore when we have (not meaning to) created destruction in our lives as a result of sin? 

4) I am sure I would not feel this way without the results/consequences of my sin, I would have been able to move on more easily. thoughts?

5) My business is failing, lost my health, and peace and joy in my home with family etc. Am I being tested? Or have I just ruined everything? 

Thanks I appreciate every thought and even prayers for emotional, spiritual, and physical restoration in my families life. Thank you so much. 

the thing is now that I have gone through this, I can look at Jesus' sacrifice and cry because I see what he did for me, I can feel what he did for me. I grew up knowing about God from a young, young age, I do not wish to break his heart, or take Jesus sacrifice for granted, like I did in the past, or not fully appreciate or understand how amazing and awesome, this sacrifice truly is. I feel like this was an eye opener for me. I just pray I have not completely messed up. Thank you

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Hi Mandy, God bless you!

We all mess up and spend time in the valley. When we approach the throne of God, we approach with humility and thanksgiving. The words I am sorry and please forgive me are important and we have to mean them when we say them. And we have to mean it when we say we'll change. Doing God's will is a choice each of us makes.

Your family, it may not be too late to say I love you. Other good things to say would be It's my fault, totally my fault, I am sorry and please forgive me. Practice saying them if you feel unnatural saying them. These are good words to remember...Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18 NIV) All of us are good to learn to say the words that I have shared with you. They are important.

I love you.

It's my fault, totally my fault.

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you,


HI Mary, God bless you too:)

thank you so much. I will admit, my fall was due to pride, and ignorance. (As many sins are, unfortunately we can end up there) The good thing is to be able and look back and think, wow, I can't believe that I sinned in that way, it's like you have changed into a different person in some ways is the good thing. 

Thank you so much, I am in that valley, but also have experienced more of God in the valley, than I have in times of no trouble. I sincerely feel repentant and thankful for my second chance, although now I see my old ways of years possibly, and feel truly unworthy. That is what is amazing about the cross, even God's worst sinner is offered the gift of salvation, and he welcomes the backsliders back home. Thank you so much. :) Love< Mandy

You are never alone. Ever.

Sometimes I wish they had never made the movie star wars it talks about the force. It surrounds us. Alas, the force is a farce, but Holy Spirit is not.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul. (Genesis 2:7)

I don't know why I chose that verse, except that as a child of God, God is closer to you than your very breath. We are all bound together by spirit. We have this super glue. God doesn't leave you or forsake you. You are so loved. He knows we mess up. We so need Jesus. I freely admit it. Jesus has what I need.

I won't tell you what I did this morning. I'm embarrassed. I may take a day of vacation tomorrow to hide under a pillow. Today was my day to mess up. I think it's the heat. People are grouchy. A day to immerse myself in Bible and cool off. Sounds like a plan. Right?




the thing is now that I have gone through this, I can look at Jesus' sacrifice and cry because I see what he did for me, I can feel what he did for me

It's so important to see your sin and to not seek to excuse it, explain it, or justify it, and it's equally important to see Who Jesus is and what He has done for you.

I think, for those who are truly in Christ, then they will truly hate sin and truly want to stop sinning and truly long for the day when they will no longer battle the flesh or temptation. There's a difference between supporting a "sinning Christian doctrine" and humbly admitting that one's flesh wants what it wants and one sometimes gives in to it even though God always provides a way out. We live in fallen flesh and will so long as we are in this life. Yet, we are to seek to be holy as He is holy and to walk in His righteousness.

Saint Paul never forgot that he had sinned against God and had obtained mercy. He felt that the grace of The Lord was abundant in saving him, and said that his salvation was a pattern to them which should believe on Him to life everlasting. He certainly fought the good fight, and I'm sure some of that fight included the battle between spirit and flesh as well as enduring the hardships and persecutions and many trials as he proclaimed the gospel of Christ.

I know that when Jesus died on the cross, He had to feel the weight of my sin that I've committed and for all who are His, ones Whom He foreknew, then He saw them personally and saw their lives and felt the weight of every sinful act they have personally committed, or might yet commit, from birth to death, and I don't know what the full wrath was that He endured, but I know it means each sin that you or I or anyone commits from this moment on is another sin He felt and paid for on the cross. At times I have been so discouraged and have said to myself, "So if you stop sinning now, it would mean His suffering was less." I know I fail in many ways. We must persevere in the faith though and He will preserve us.

The fact that you are questioning and are concerned about your spiritual condition is proof that it's not too late and that you haven't pushed God to His limits or gone too far. If such a thing were possible, then I'm sure anyone who is guilty of it wouldn't even care about becoming reconciled to God once again.

Take heart. He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed. (‭1 Peter‬ ‭2‬:‭24‬ ESV)
Hi Amanda .. thank you so much... I think I meant to word that part differently... Bottom line I am guilty of messing up.. I hope it doesn't seem like I am trying to explain or excuse it... Was totally wrong. I feel real remorse over my sin and because it was a backslide it feels worse. Thank you for all the words, love,and advice you poured into this.i think if we each thought of what Jesus did for us every day , every morning we would live differently..Bottom line I see myself as imperfect and I hate sin.. have really grown as a result of this and seek God every day..thank you again & God bless you.
I know, and I didn't mean it in that way. You weren't making excuses or justifying it, and I didn't think you were, and that's the reason I quoted those particular words of yours, saying it's so important to come to those two realizations: seeing one's sin and seeing the Savior. You have a heart for the Lord.

None of us are perfect but we are being perfected. And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6, ESV.

Ok, thanks:)!! I did mean to word it a little differently, thank you for understanding..and your uplifting verses and comments. I really appreciate it!! God bless you Amanda

Mandy, you don't know unless you try. It has to start somewhere. You talked about physical restoration in your family's life. I've always told my daughter that she can talk to me about anything. She says the very same thing to her kids. You can come to me and talk to me about anything. We make sure family can talk to each other about anything. The lines of communication are open always. I was thinking that Maybe that's a good prayer that the lines are open and the communications can flow and ask God to warm hearts.



Thank you so much Mary, I am so appreciative of all of your thoughts and guidance. I will ask God for these things you mentioned:) God bless you, Love, Mandy


Listen, thousand times we have failed, But God mercy still remain. Peter denied the saviour that he has been with for three and a half year, yet, Jesus forgave him and made him the leader of the early church.

God arms is still wide open. and he is ready to receive you. Just go on your knees and talk to him. He is your father.

I will be Praying for you.

Remain bless. Shalom Aleichem


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