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I am curious how many e-mails you have received in the last 24 hours to repeal Obamacare? I have received at least a couple dozen mostly from very good Christian organizations. Are we becoming too politically focused? Just curious about your views on the subject.

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It is my opinion that we aren't focused enough on what our government is doing. God has chosen us to live in a country that stands for freedom. We have been given the right to vote. We all need to exercise that right.

Emails keep us informed if we read them. Many of them are junk. But.....some of them draw our attention to a news article we need to pay mind to.

God even tells us to pay attention to our leaders. He tells us to pray for those in authority but we also need to consider what put them on that *prayer list*.

Blessings to you and yours, Brother.....


Good point. I think some are very focused on our government. I do see that some Christian ministries are more focused on what the government is doing than what the church should be doing.

We have allowed our government to get completely out of control. We have allowed our government to get God out of our schools, to mandate that abortion be available on demand, and now even mandating that you and I pay for that abortion. I am very unhappy about that. I doubt that many Christians are even aware of such a thing. I am agreement that we need to become more informed. We have allowed our government to become an entitlement government. People have learned that they can vote certain ones into office that will take from the rich and give to them. I'm not so sure that this is God's intended role of government yet that is certainly what we are developing here in the good old USA. It is called "socialism" by name and destruction is its game.

Good point, Rita.

I wonder if any others will have an opinion.


When our government kicked out of school, we should have kicked them out of office. When I government decided we allow abortion (that we have to pay for)legalized murder, we should have sent them home. We did neither of these things. We thought God wouldn't allow that to happen. We didn't say anything. Now we pay the price. When people run for office in our government, and they uphold ideas that go against what our nation was founded on, God first, we need to try to keep them from obtaining that office.

God did not appoint these people to office...We Did!

We need to uphold God and His Word and get our nation headed back from whence it came. We don't need to be "activists* to do that. All we need to do is to vote for God and His Mandates.





There are so many pieces to your question, but I will give only a short and partial response that may cause further comments.


First: We need to remember that the USA is not a Christian nation, but one founded on Christian principles. We are a blessed, or have been greatly blessed, nation, and not the chosen nation. We can really understand this when we understand that Christians are not a geographical people group. Christians are dispersed throughout the world and are the body of Christ. We are citizens of another place.


Second: What are our responsibilities as Christians? Daniel gives us a great look into this based on God’s principles. A large portion of the Jewish people had been taken into captivity and moved far from their homeland. While in the new location the prophet Jeremiah sent a letter telling the people to settle down because they will be there until God brings them back out. Daniel, and others, were to integrate, but not assimilate. Daniel worked hard and became a respected leader in Darius’ government (Dan. 6). He integrated into the system, but never became a part of the system as seen by the fact that he went against the kings directive and prayed anyway, putting God first, landing him in the lion’s den. Take note that at the end of the 70 years, which is at least two generations depending on how one calculates generations, a good portion of the people chose to stay in Babylon. Why? They had assimilated. We are to never assimilate into the world, but rather operate as ambassadors of the God’s Kingdom. We must always remember who we are and what our priorities are as said ambassadors.


Third: We have been given rights to use (the integration part), such as voting. Yet, when it is all said and done the USA will not be saved. People will be saved by Christ out of the USA, but not the nation. Thus, we need to keep our mission clear. We are not here to save society, but to reach people. We have been given the freedom to engage government and affect society, but that is secondary to our true calling.


My two cents.


Lord Bless,


What do you think? Did Justice Roberts help or hurt the cause? Some worked extremely hard to get Bush into office primarily to get Supreme Court Justices that would uphold righteousness like the pro-life cause. Did they get sold out or were they handed an opportunity to make a difference in a nation that seemingly has turned its back on God. But, I think Roberts handed the people a challenge. If you don't like the laws the congress is passing, then elect new lawmakers. I don't think he could have done a better job.

I agree with LT. I am a member of His Kingdom first and foremost but I do love America and really hate to see some of the direction it is taking.

I believe there are many Christians in America but also many religious that think they are Christian.

I believe there are many Christians in America but also many religious that think they are Christian.

Statistics would agree with this statement. I think one of the greatest and toughest mission fields in the USA is the unsaved churched.


Regarding Justice Roberts' decision ... still trying to process it all.


Lord Bless,



   I believe we should Pray for our leaders, as some have already said, and according to the Word.  I don't want anyone to misunderstand this next part.  But, I do believe we are in the "end times."  When I have no idea.  With the changes that have begun to be put in place to, weaken us as a nation.  This generation that is coming up have been taught ideas as facts.  They have become accustomed to be led, and not to lead.  Things that we held as dear, they have tossed those rights away.  And, so many have no idea of the language I speak.  Things that I heard in the 70's I thought no way any of those things could happen here, now I can see the framework.

 We must always Pray for those in leadership.  God sets up authority and He takes it down.  Many things have been  designed to go a certain way, for a certain outcome to take place.  We should have No fear, nor spread fear to those in the world.  But, witness to those people as we are lead to do.  

 "Did Justice Roberts help or hurt the cause?"  That coin I think goes both ways.  Since he made it a tax, it will only take 51 votes not 60 to over turn the funding end.  He rewrote the things which is strange, yet in doing so he made clear it is a tax.  Which our President and others on that side said it was not.

But, for the end to come things not only will happen, they must happen.  As many of us do so very often, we say, "Come Lord Jesus, come."  As we Pray for our families, friends, and those in need of a True Relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.



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