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I have been dealing with the issue of fear and all of its elements each day this new year on facebook and felt it could be a good subject for us to consider here also. 


But perfect love casteth out fear - That is, love that is complete, or that is allowed to exert its proper influence on the soul. As far as it exists, its tendency is to deliver the mind from alarms. If it should exist in any soul in an absolutely perfect state, that soul would be entirely free from all dread in regard to the future. 1John 4:18

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I appreciate the topic. Recently I have wrestled with fear/anxiety about many things in life. Anxiety is an unwelcome companion in my life. I have prayed, quoted scripture, searched my heart/soul/spirit for hidden sin. It remains at a low level and flares to a high level from time to time. In fact, I was going to start a discussion thread about it but dropped the idea. I want that "abiding peace and presence of Jesus". I want to know that He will keep me in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him because I trust in Him. I have "sought the Lord" and am seeking to be "delivered from all my fears". Anyone else relate to any of this?
I like the  topic and thank you for considering to talk about this matter that makes us all people to weaken our faith and trust in our Most Loving and Gracious God...I do too is currently suffering from fears and anxiety attacks which affects my daily living,but its drawing me more closer to Him sometimes but sometimes i will just go on my knees and cry because i was fearful and very weak.I hope some body will help me and advice  me whats the best thing to do ..thanks a lot.
Bob, I suffer PTSD which, you may know, is a disorder of the mind or brain that can cause the sufferer to experience a nearly constant state of anxiety punctuated by attacks of panic.  Not only can the panic be debilitating, but the severe anxiety is often expressed as anger which, if acted-out, can cause a reflex of guilt.  There are very many types of severe, chronic anxiety or fear, many of them nameless, which afflict nearly half of the poulation of this planet, by many estimates.  Not only can Perfect Love cast out fear, but fear can blind us to, or make us unable to feel the Perfect Love which is the ulimate cure for all fear.  I hope that no-one in this Community has the religious hubris to offer a complete, permanent cure for all fear, except death and resurrection.  Actually, I have learned that the longer a Christian suffers with fear, the better and more beautiful the Resurrection looks.  In the meantime, the LORD does not offer any life-long escape from anxiety, but He offers to provision us, to give us enough sustenance to keep going toward our objective- Heaven.


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