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I'm a little confused about the whole Creation story - Catholics believe that it didn't actually take seven days, that it really took billions of years. What do other Christians believe?

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Rob, I had a look at 'your page'. And yes, I can see that it is 'your' theory. I must respectfully disagree with your theory. I choose to believe the 'Genesis Account' over 'Evolution & 'The Gap' theories. There is a great danger in adding to God's Word. It is very important to seek the truth!
no gap theory evolution Genesis is not the beginning there is something you are not reading.I am not adding nothing that is not already there and i will not sugar coat it for you nor anyone else i obey the voice of the Lord(1Ki.13:11-26) that is the problem with the body of Christ trying to be like the world user friendly.
First off i don't believe in a gap theory
You guys might be interested in the book I wrote on Evolution. I used a fun novel format to bring all the major arguments (and then some) to the table. Answers in Genesis was one of my major research material providers.
Maryann - we've learnt at school that the first passage about the creation of the world and the second passage about Adam and Eve's creration were written by two different authors and a long time apart from each other.

We've also been taught that there must have been more humans created other than Adam and Eve, because how did the world populate from just two people?

Donald - I'm interested in your book! Could you tell me more about it?
Hi there,

My NLT Application Study Bible says that the author of Genesis, is Moses, written 1450-1410 B.C. More important is the Word Itself and how we appropriate it into our belief system and our lives.

Genesis has always been under attack by Satan. He hates it because it exposes him as a lying deceiving thief. His plan is to shake and destroy our foundation, and he wants us to allow his lies, into our thoughts and entertain them, because if Genesis can be discredited, the very foundation of our belief is shaken. God is his arch-enemy, and therefore our enemy. This war is between God and Satan.

May I encourage to stay in God's Word and don't listen to false teachers. The bible warns against this. Study HIS Word for yourself. His WORD is the ONLY WORD that we can trust.

Have a blessed day!
In HIS Service, MaryAnn
Check out my website at for the lowdown. Sorry I can't be more personable here. I have 6 more books I'm trying to get published ASAP. I'll be glad to answer specific questions.
God bless!!
Seven Days
A dear friend asked about Genesis 1:27 where it says – ‘So god created human beings in His own image. In the image of God He created them; male and female he created them.

In Genesis Chapter 1 we see the creation account:

1st day, light;
2nd day, sky & water,
3rd day, land & sea,
4th day, sun, moon & stars,
5th day, fish and birds,
6th day, animals, man & woman, (Adam was formed first, then Eve)
7th day God rested and declared all He had made to be very good.

Chapter 2 talks about God creating Adam from dust and placing him in the garden, telling him he can eat freely from every tree in the garden, but God warned him not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or he is sure to die. Then God formed from the ground all the wild animals and birds of the sky. Adam named them, and still had no helper at this point.

Okay, here’s the question. Is chapter 2 still taking place on day six?
Has anyone clarification on this?

Happy Living for My KING!
Look at it this way: Chapter one is an overview. Chapter two zooms into the 6th day and gives a little more information. There several passages in Scripture that employ this approach. Not every part of Scripture is linear.
Awesome explanation. Thank you!
There are some who believe there was a earth created before God spoke in Genesis 1, saying let there be. We find that in Ezk 28 Lucifier walked in the garden, this is pre Genesis 1.
In this verse we find he was placed in charge of God's glory both in heaven before the throne and in the earth. Before this destruction which caused God to re-create everything, because the earth was flooded and set adrift, Lucifier was charged with others to teach men rightousness. This was because there was no written word at the time, so God sent angels to do His will.
When Lucifier fell he was banned from heaven and those who sided with him were casted down to the earth as well.
With this comes an interesting teaching that these men and women who sided with the devil on earth, because they could see his beauty and hear him music, and even worshipped him, became the demons we face today. There is a difference between evil spirits and demon. One seeks a body (demon) and the other doesn't.
Genesis also tells us that there were gaints in the land in those days, men of renown, anicent. This is what it is refering to and is what is known as the seed of the serpent. Satan was attempting to squash God's spoken word concerning the seed of man smashing the head of the enemy. Satan did this by introducing his seed into the earth, which produced giants in the land, these beasts were filled with hatred and killing, so God destroyed the earth during the days of Noah, to prevent the enemy from corrupting all of man's seed, and only the pure lineage of man through Noah survived.
So some believe satan walked in the garden before Genesis 1 according to Ezk 28, and was seen in the garden again during the time of Adam, where he was seeking to get back his position through lies. These are all taught and some are found mentioned in the book of Enoch which is mentioned in the bible.
So everything that is there came from our Bible so therefore you didn't read. Iasked that you prayed first (1Jn.2:27). u should ask God for more understanding.Amen!!!


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