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I'm curious as to the significance of this time. From my research and from what I've heard from people's experiences, it seems that the supernatural world is very active in our physical realm. From a believer's perspective it would seem that they believe that angels are very much at work at this time and some people wake up to pray at this time because its known as the Watch Hour (I'm not sure it might be called Fourth Hour as well). Jesus prayed at this time when he was in the garden of Gethsemane. They believe its ideal to pray between 3am to 6am specifically.

Now from a satanist's point of view or a person involved in the occult, this is known as the Witch Hour (or perhaps thats midnight). They can contact spirits more easily during this time.

So from my point of view it seems that the barrier between the physical and spiritual world is very thin during this moment so people in general may have paranomal experiences.

The first time I heard about this was around the beginning of this year and I was frightened. From that day I couldn't catch any sleep until it was 3am. I was completely sleepless until 3am. That was until I learnt that godly angelic beings were also active during this time. Also there was a church service at night on Saturday. My parents attended but I didn't because I was tired and I fell asleep. The service ended around 3am but this was unintentional. My auntie was driving a woman back to her house and as she was driving, she saw a tyre rolling past in the opposite lane. It wasn't swivelling but moving perfectly straight as if it were on a car. She said she got a cold shiver after the incident.

Anywho I just want to know what everyone else thinks about this.

P.S.- This is my first time to think about writing about this so when I created this discussion and clicked on the "Discussion Title", on the drop down menu it had "3am" on it already before I even typed anthing in. Strange.

I sincerely hope this doesn't bring fear into anybody's heart because as Christians we have nothing to fear ^__^

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I would not be concerened with 3 AM. It is but a time of day. The spiritual warfare that is taking place is going on 24/7. Keep in mind that it is 3 AM somewhere right now and it will be 3 AM somewhere in the world 6 hours from now. If 3 AM were pertinent there would have to be a sort of bubble that revolves around the earth following the 24 hour clock as it moves through time zones.

I would encourage you to not spend time examining the occult and its practices. Many people get caught in its trap by their curiosity of wanting to just take a peek. Spend that energy learning more from God's Word, for the best defense is a solid knowledge of His Word coupled with the presence of His Spirit.

Lord Bless,


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