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Here are some helpful links to study. Take some time to read a little every day: has more than 17,000 pages of resources on a variety of topics - a virtual Christian encyclopedia. Make sure you particularly check out the links at!

We also recommend learning more about Jesus in the text and audio versions of the Bible. Check out the Book of John. Also, we have teaching, music, and online Bibles in our MP3 Player:

A great tool for studying the Bible is the "Daily Jesus" study course at Use this to grow in your knowledge of God's Word and love for Jesus every day.

Use this forum if you have questions or want us to recommend a resource specific to your need.

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Hello my name is Bonnie and I am new on here and I am looking for a good book to go along with my Bible study I am doing on renewing your mind. If any one has the name of a good one would you please let me know . Thanks
hi and I'm not sure how to add this group to the ones I have because I cant see where to?? or maybe I already have it lol I'm new to this site... god bless you all =)
Hi every one
Thanks also for the links,they are very helpful.
~Wendy Evans
Hi guys are you okay to me everything is okay fine i'm looking for new friends is there anyone want to join
good for you kneeling...May God Bless u!
tnx for adding me....may God bless u!
I am a new user and very much interested in spiritual growth. Plz lets suport one another to easy the journey

INVOLVEMENT is really needed in our christian life. When we accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and savior,

we become a part of His body, the Church.  as a part we must function or else that part, our part is dead.

Ministry is the way for our spiritual growth. No Ministry No Maturity. Check and observed.

Who are the faithful servant? the serving one or the just attending one? Ministry in singing, giving, teaching, preaching, etc.

Talent and gift was given for a purpose. Creatures and Life is given for a purpose.............................................

Spiritual tools that must manifest in our lives not instant add on to our lives.

Changes that should be evident as we grow in His grace. old habits that should be corrected by this tools.

Gifts is for the task. everyday life is in the hand of God alone.

Amen. everything comes from God and growth is really in the midst of His will not on the sides or outside.

Attendees, just church goers, just bible readers, and alike whose acquiring only knowledge and not wisdom will never know the grace, mercy and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Experiencing God book is also  a very good piece. They will never experience Christianity without being a true Christian. tnx

How can i post prayer request and send request to friends to join the site?


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