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All About GOD - Growing Relationships with Jesus and Others

Here are some helpful links to study. Take some time to read a little every day: has more than 17,000 pages of resources on a variety of topics - a virtual Christian encyclopedia. Make sure you particularly check out the links at!

We also recommend learning more about Jesus in the text and audio versions of the Bible. Check out the Book of John. Also, we have teaching, music, and online Bibles in our MP3 Player:

A great tool for studying the Bible is the "Daily Jesus" study course at Use this to grow in your knowledge of God's Word and love for Jesus every day.

Use this forum if you have questions or want us to recommend a resource specific to your need.

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Hi Tina i am the same person just like you but the best way we can do our things is our spare time and in the night when everybody goes to bad,midnight when everyone is dreeming,early in the morning.Chose silent places and night times to read the word of God.Be blessed
I am so happy that you sent me here, I too am still learning to use this site but hope to join a couple of these.
I am so happy to find out this site, i will say that it is the will of God. i will like to join all groups because i am a new born again. i don't no left and right i mean i don't know how to pray somthings tired to read Bible. please i need spiritual spport. alhought i have some CD's sent to me recently. i pray that God will use you all to help me in my spiritual growth. in JESUS NAME I PRAY.

I blessed the name of God who made it possible for me to be a christian. i did not know what christianity is all about, immediately i listened to the CD's Gospel of John, Welcome to the Family and others i find Jesus living in me.

but now i food to grow, because when u have a new born baby u need to feed the baby till when the grow and know how to feed himself.
Hello friend, Glory be to the one who died on the cross for you and me to be free from sins and washed us with HIS Holy blood. May the Almight give you courage and knowledge but more to that may He gives wisdom to win the world. Those are my wishes to you.
I am really happy to join this site it is very effective for my life for my soul. I really glad to know about this i want to be more growth in Jesus to know him because these days i am passing from my starting days truthfully in GOD. so it is a good way to became me strong. All praise is for Jesus . amen.
Thanks for the Links for Growth. They'll keep me busy for days, weeks. :-)
God bless,
Mary O.
I would really like join and very much interested in spiritual growth and dicipleship but I'm new this site and still leanring how to use it
I am so delighted to find thi page,thanks for the good work you are doing.I look forward to know more on how to use this page.Pray for my sister who is imprisoned by prosttution at her younger age.please join me in prayer.
It's the first time that i check this page, and i thank God for all that He teaches me in it and I thank theautors. God bless you!
Calvary greetings to everyone here! I want to thank God for the administrators of this site and their families for the good work they're doing. I am really blessed for being here and I believe that through this site my spiritual life will grow for better. thanks and have a blessed moment in Jesus Name, Amen.
Praise God! So glad you are finding it helpful in your spiritual growth! To God be the glory!
I am happy that I found this site because I believe if u want to follow Jesus foot steps u have to surround yourself wit people going in the same direction, so I thank you lord for guiding me to this site and back to you, Amen.


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