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How do we know when we are living in God's Will?

How do we know when we have stepped out of God's Will and are living for ourselves?

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Hey Rod -

I think you have hit one of the core issues of the topic at hand. How do I know if I am in God’s will?

Well, what is the motive behind our actions? Is is to bring praise to ourselves or is it to bring glory to God?

In the judgment seat of Christ all our works will be tried and all those things we did to bring attention to ourselves will be burn and we will get no reward for such. We will receive rewards for all those things we do for the Glory of God.

So how do we know we are outside of the will of God? Well, when our motives are corrupted.

We know what is driving are actions. Every single one of us knows and so we should examine ourselves to make sure we are in God's will. No person can see the heart or mind of another, so we must think the best of each other and love one another even when we may think that someone is seeking praise or attention. If God puts it in our hearts to confront such a situation we should do it in love and in private preferably, but let us pray for one another above all else. God knows the heart and mind of all of us, He will not be mocked and He does not share His Glory with anyone.

Just in case you are looking for recognition bro hahahaahaha well done hehe just kidding bro haha


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