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How do we know when we are living in God's Will?

How do we know when we have stepped out of God's Will and are living for ourselves?

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I think that if we prayerfully ask god to guide us, I beleive he will. Dose any one have anything else to add ? exspecting, Bj Thomas
I think that if we step back and evaluate the situation and ask ourselves this very important question: Are we acting in a Selfserving manner? Or are we doing this for the Glory of God? Are your actions, that of which the Lord would be pleased? Is our action God centered? Have we prayed to the Lord and asked him for his guidance? If we act without the Lord's advice, I believe we are not allowing the Lord to guide us. If we allow the Lord to step in and bridge the gap of our actions and allow the credit to the Lord. Then we are living his will. I think it is a daily request of the Lord that we must make; and be willing to allow the Lord to lead us.
Thank you everyone for your insightful answers.
Blessings, Carla
Years ago I thought that the will of God was so narrow and we could miss it so easily.
The word of God is the will of God, so we have to make sure that our lives are lining up with the Word.
Focus on the Family had a wonderful teaching one day; on one of thier radio programs I heard a while back. They placed a play ground equitment in the middle of a big field and let children play, the children would not stray far from the equitment. Then they placed a fence around the yard. They found that the children played now out to the fence. It brought security to them. Gods will brings security also.
Let's look at the question of who we will marry. The Word of God give us boundries in this regaurd.
Number one they must be a believer. Number two they can not be married to someone else. These are boundries that will help us to find a mate and the will of God.
Where we go to church, what job we work at, where we live, all of these things we do in the boundries from the Word of God.
How do we know when we are living in God's Will?

We know because we get lots of money and recogniton hahaahahahah Not!

.We have Joy and Peace that surpasses human understanding. We have assurance of our salvation

How do we know when we have stepped out of God's Will and are living for ourselves?

We lose the Joy and Peace that surpasses human understanding. We have many doubts.
Great answer David.
I also love your answer David, comforting and timely for me, and thanks Carla for asking this great question. I know that I am in God's will because I put my total trust in Jesus and what He has done for me on the cross, totally His doing without a single help from me, total grace.
I know when I am not in God's will is when I fear man more than God, trust their words and their opinions more than God's Words.
John6:27 Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. On him God the Father has placed his seal of approval. 7"Then they asked him, "What must we do to do the works God requires?" 8 Jesus answered, "The work of God is this: to believe in the One He has sent."
Love and blessings to u both, Carla and David:)
Theresa.. Amen and Amen!

While we are in the world that leaves us in very uncomfortable predicaments sometimes...especially when we are around non-believers.

I love what you said about fearing man more than God, and trusting in their opinions more than God's Word.. That is so true! It is a good self-test to take ongoing.

I guess that is why we are to study, pray unceasingly and remain in true Christian Fellowship.

Blessings dear sis.. Carla
For those who seem to be careless about God's Will, a thousand lists of "do's and don'ts" have been produced. But for those Believers who are already, obviously, heartily concerned about remaining in the Will of God, I think multiple admonitions can easily become discouraging or depressing. For dear, sweet disciples like Carla, I would just say, "Jesus is the Will of God." Simply abide in Him by Faith. Simply abide. Simply believe. When He wants you to be His Mouth, Hands, or Feet, He will move you; don't worry.
That is beautiful and encouraging Michael. Thank you. I believe you are right on! :)
I believe that the Bible is the Will of God, ergo *Old Testament*/ New Testament*.

Then we have actions performed by believers as they study and learn what the Bible says. However...
I think there are things God would have each of us do that might not be spoken of in the Bible, per se. He may have specifics for what He wants us to do. Not to say there isn't an example in the Bible of it somewhere, but he might ask us to do something a little differently than what he might have others to do. So there is an individual relationship showing up in the Willl of God also.

I think it is vitally important that we listen for our instruction from the Holy Spirit in these matters. I do think that the answer to the *Will of God* might effect each of us differently. He might ask me to do something in my life that would be different than what he might ask another. However, I know there is a good reason for it. There is something being accomplished by a particular person doing something in the will of God that would not realize the same results if another did it.

I have had cancer 4 times in my life. I think that somewhere there is someone who has been helped because they saw me go through it. That is a small example. I think that a call comes to us through the Holy Spirit and we in turn obey. (Or not!) People have been helped in here by another person taking the time to read and pray and ask what to say. They speak what the Holy Spirit leads them to say and another is able to draw great comfort from it.

That is what the *Will of God* means to me.


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