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Does the homosexual christian exist?This is a topic that has been close to my heart for years.With the rise in large homosexual churches and clergy in recent years all around the world is homosexuality becoming more accepted in the christian faith?
Questions for discussion
Can you be a practising homosexual and be fully committed to god?
Can you be a homosexual christian and abstain from the 'act'?
If you feel you are homosexual and you want to be christian,do you then have to 'change' to fully live your life within christ?
Do fully committed heterosexual christians slate thoses who are homosexual?(be honest)
I decided to write this discussion after watching joni on daystar,who had a guest on,who had lived the homosexual lifestyle,until one day,he claims,God came to him and asked him to change and he did.He claimed he wasnt being changed from homosexuality to heterosexuality.He was being changed from homosexuality to holiness....
He is now happily married with kids and is a missionary....
This is a very mind blowing controversial subject and may also be a very emotional one for people on the NET.
I don't want to start a war(im all for world peace),but i am very interested in WORLD views on this subject........

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Hi Pieter

Though related my point is that God is in control of the world, not if/how our wills are controlled.

I'll agree with you that whatever we believe about these things have no bearing on our salvation.


Good Day to all,
If God created or made a Gay gene and some people are born with it, then dear friends God cannot possibly condemn homosexuals. In fact homosexuals could accuse God and say: "It's not my fault, you made me this way, how can you possible condemn me?"
Alcoholics play this game as well. "I was born an alcoholic, I just cannot escape from it. It is a sickness and it's not my fault, God made me this way"

This reasoning is a form of escape from responsibility and leaves the door open to continue doing "What I want and no one can stop or accuse me".

A question has to be asked. "Is alcoholism a sin or a "sickness"?
The same question must be asked of Homosexuals.

Alcoholism is not caused through a gene or sickness. It develops into a sickness when a man or a woman over indulges to the point that they eventually suffer from a sickness known as alcolholism. It then becomes a sin against ones self, family and friends. Depending on how far the symptoms have progressed" it does not of necessity go away. The system remains susceptible to a mere ounce of alcohol that can reverse the entire program towards health. As a number of attempts and failures at rehabilitation are undertaken, the possibility of being rehabilitated can become more difficult if not impossible.

There are many reasons - far too extensive to discuss here - why men and women become homosexuals. But similar to alcohol, once the act is tested, perhaps out of curiosity and not rejected, it grows into a way of life and being totally unnatural becomes a sin.
God cannot be blamed in either case. God has given us a freedom of choice and we have to do as God says: "Choose ye, Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve?"

Ofcourse, these convictions are mine as a Christian, who believes in a God who cannot be blamed for our "shanannigans". There are those who are very liberal in their thoughts about the same subject and would lean towards an "unproven Scientific" explanation of a gene rather than a Spiritual sin.
I trust this helps. Your Brother and Friend in Christ - Ron.
I feel that we as Christians need to keep our foundation on these issues firm on the word of God or else the tide of culture will pull us off course. In our culture in America the whole issue of homosexuality has been completely altered. In 1977 when I was in a physiology class in a public high school it was taught as a mental illness. It is amazing how things have changed and we as the Church of Jesus have to deal with it if we want to or not. We are to love people, but love does not mean we condone behavior that is anti Biblical either. My niece who I love announced a few years ago to the family that she was gay and if we loved her we would accept her life style. If I had a relative who was an alcoholic or an adulterer I would never be accused of being unloving if I did not condone the bad behavior. We as Christian are to love all people, but we have never to allow the culture to dictate right or wrong if we are to be fully devoted followers of Christ.
Amen Ron!
Amen to that Ron, You hit the tail on the grandmas fanny! I know that they disproved the gene scandle and was found to be false. Sometime ago.
In order for one to be gay you have to believe what you say. What a man believes in his heart so he. Proverbs :0)

One other thing is Abraham didnt have a bible to read but he did have a conscience and associations. God told him to leave his family and go far from here. you are who you hang out with..

Pagan belief...... something outside of me is responsible for my actions so thierfore I am not responsible. Abraham knew better and said thier is only one God and I am not a subject of anothers action. We all take responsibility for our sin. I am sure that this will go over like a pregnant pollvaulter. with alot of Christians
I agree, It is a choice to work together in a marriage instead of divorce, it is a choice to love someone who has hurt us, it is a choice to recover from alcoholism,drugs etc..and so on. Our life is about choices and I believe that is is a choice to be homosexual and a choice not to be..Yes it may be hard but it is a choice...I believe God loves everyone, but you must ask for forgiviness and God's help to live life the way God wants us to..He created man and women....for a reason... To procreate...What about all these children being rasied in these homosexual homes...Do these children have a chance of knowing right and wrong...They think that this is alright... I think we need to live by the Bible. If you are a Christian you certainly wouldn't be homosexual becasue that is not what God wants...
You know, if we're going to start kicking sinners out of church, the Pastors would have to leave with everyone else.

I believe that with this issue there are two dangers:
1. is to believe that we should condemn someone who's sin offends us.
2. is to believe that we can justify or condone sin.

Only by recognizing sin for what it is, can we come to Christ and begin to live. Temptations may come and go. Most of what tempted me 20 years ago has no hold on me anymore. Yet, I must war against temptation even now. Temptation of pride and greed are just as dangerous as temptations of lust and malice.

Only by recognizing our OWN sin, and confessing our NEED for a savior, do we find life. After 20 years, I'm still a man in need of a savior. I still need grace.

Therefore, as Jesus says, I must not seek to remove the splinter in anothers eye while I have a plank in my own. If we take a condeming tone toward any sinner - homosexual or otherwise - we condemn ourselves. Redemtion requires humility. I must be as humble as I hope to ask the other fellow to be.

I do believe that we can become free from sin and temptation. I do believe that in Christ we overcome sinful desires and are healed. I have experienced this. But, let's be realistic: there is no Christian without sin. Right?

If we don't allow sinners in church, then I can't go for sure.
Dear Scribe,

In your reply you say:

" I believe with this issue there are two dangers:

1. is to believe that we should condemn someone who's sin offends us."

May I say in reply
At first, we do not condemn homosexuals. - We condemn the act and their way of life.
Finally We do condemn the homosexual when he continues the practice despite good and fair Christian advice.

Condemnation does not come from us, it comes as a warning from the Word of God. God condemns the act of homosexuality and with it the practicing homosexual. We have to accept God's Word rather than our feelings. The old cliche applies here "When good men do nothing...........?

Your friend in Christ - Ron
This is an extremely touchy subject for the WORLD but as the bible reminds us be in the World not of it. We live in a society that just plain accepts unacceptable behavior. I myself am guilty of many many sins but as a new creature in Christ I am daily reminded of His COMPLETE forgiveness of my sins and that each day I must strive to live by THE WORD. The word is plain and simple there is no room for grey area. I believe that homosexuality is an abomination. I believe that you cannot be a Christian and be gay. While I am saddened because I have family that is homosexual, I am reminded that as long as I am alive I can be kind and use my walk of faith to witness to those that are choosing the wrong lifestyle. He who is with out sin cast the first stone. I am ever mindful that the bible also says judge not lest ye be judged as well as a sin is a sin no matter what it is. In God's eye any sin is great no matter what it is. Rather than focus on homosexuality focus on how to witness to someone without making them angry and want to run away from us. I believe controversial issues are satan's angels at work. God tells us not to participate in controversy but rather use our lives as positive examples. I heard Beth Moore say in one of her wonderful studies "Don't argue with the Pharisees!!!" How true is that!!!
Ugh ..It's a hard one .. everyone wants to be accepted and we're taught to love .. being homosexual and christian possible ?.. isnt a sin a sin ? ( and not to step on toes .. but I believe it is ) But .. we all sin ..arnt all sins equal in the eyes of Our Lord ? However .. I dont believe I'd attend one of these homosexual Churches that are rising up everywhere .. it's one thing to sin .. but quite another to sin and say it's ok
I agree and if some havent figured it out someone needs to tell them personally especially if it has been years and years and thier is no change. Good one May God Bless you and others. Some pastors are being thrown into jail because of speaking out against the same issue because of Hate Crime's but that doesnt stop them. They would rather be thrown in jail then say I just had to stand by and let others keep up what thier doing. It is not ok but God said in the bible that two kinds of love exisit.
In my humble opinion with regards to the topic of homosexual christian, I would just like to say that God loves us all equally whatever life we choose to live, homosexuality in my opinion is not something that a person is born with, it's a life style that is chosen, it maybe a choice that is made through some difficult times or some traumatic event may have taken place in the person's life, which caused them to loose trust in the opposite gender. What I'm saying is that the Lord loves the sinner but hates the sin, once the person repents and is baptised in the name of Jesus, he then receives the Holy spirit, the Holy Spirit will start changing the person from the inside out, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit will cleanse you, homosexuality is a sin in God's eyes ie Sodom and Ghomorrah, people did not want to turn away from their life style, so God destroyed the whole place, with only Lot and his family surviving, we know that the enemy will use our vulnerability against us and lead us into the wrong direction, I can sympathise with anyone who feels confused about their emotional state, but trust in the Lord Jesus to take you out of the darkness and into the Light, Jesus is the Light of the world, He says 'if you seek me with all your heart, you will find me' and finding Him means a solution, nothing is too great or small for Him, Praise God (this is my opinion) Blessings!!


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