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Saved By Grace, But Do We Demonstrate That Grace In Our Lives?

This is a true story. I chose to leave the names out: In 2005 a women was on her way home from her niece’s recital at about 12:30 AM. Little did she know that in a short moment her path would cross with five young men and her life altered. Earlier that evening these five men broke into a car and stole some credit cards. They proceeded to buy several hundred dollars worth of DVDs and video games. They also purchased a 20 pound turkey. This turkey was later tossed from their car that night as they crossed paths with the young lady’s car. The turkey went through the windshield, bent the steering wheel and crushed almost every bone in her face. Miraculously she survived, but required 10 hours of surgery to reconstruct her face. The area in which this occurred was outraged.

Months later at the trial the defendant plead guilty. What did he get as a sentence? He received 6 months in jail and 5 years probation. How could such a light sentence be given out for such a hideous crime against a complete stranger? He could have received up to 26 years in prison. Why didn’t he? The victim asked the court to show lenience on the young man. After the sentence was pronounced the victim approached the young man. She gave him a hug and told him that she forgave him. He was remorseful and thankful as they embraced. There were not many dry eyes in the court room that day. What a powerful act of grace from the victim towards her attacker.

I share this, because it convicted me as I read it today. How often I get angry in traffic or over trivial stuff. Could I have demonstrated that kind of grace if that had happened to me?

What keeps me and so many others from being able to display such grace? Is this story an anomaly or is it a standard to aspire to? Have you ever witnessed such grace first hand or displayed it yourself?

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Thank you LT. This post is an answer to prayer.
I am witness to God's awesome grace that has manifested itself in forgiveness that is beyond all human understanding. After 10 years of being divorced, I have recieved and given forgiveness. I was in a marriage plagued with addiction, abuse, infidelity and countless other connections to satan. Today I am so grateful to say that I was baptised by the Holy Spirit and God is working in my life to reconcile and reunify my marriage and my family for His purpose. For me, there is no other way than His, no way around it. At times I feel like I just don't want to go thru all what it is taking to do this but then I get messages...loud and clear (mostly from this site) that God is with me and this is the desire of His heart too. Forgiveness Feels So Good!!!
I am praising with you and will be praying for you.

God Bless,
Today has been one of those days where I am learning about grace. I hope that I can demonstrate grace, Just like the women did. It is when we show grace like this that we are truly being Christ like.
This post make me reflect on myself, if were me , i doubt i can. But i'm trying to learn from it, hope God will continue blessing me and give me the power to do such things. It's possible , i believe.
How can we not forgive, when we have been forgiven of so much.
That is pretty cool sis. Lord bless you....:)
This is beautiful sis... I know you posted it with David in has blessed me too.. :)
Dearest blankkk,

You have changed your mind about them -- you have repented, you have turned away from the hate. That is all God requires. Now God can change your heart :)

Keep focused on Him -- His Love will set you free. Pray, worship, ask for the Spirit, and listen. Meditate on the good things He has done. (in my darkest times, i would read Genesis 1, and the gospels -- God has done a lot of good things for us, many things we can thank Him for. Things like, creating the stars, and blades of grass, and healing a leper)


God is gentle, like a quiet breeze. He is tender, kindhearted, and doesn't want to bruise your heart.

Geoff has given you some good advice. Instead of posting a direct comment here, I will post two blogs that are articles I wrote three years ago on "Learning to Forgive Yourself." After reading them and pondering them, If you like, we can carry on the conversation here or in the blog or via email if you like.

Lord Bless,

Lord Bless,
My dear brother LT,

I know that it is impossible to forgive in the cirumstances that you've described, if one's heart is bitter and twisted.
I know this from personal experience as I've always been such a person. The times when you are led by satan then you will not forgive, but it only takes a moment to have a change of heart and forgive. What makes you chanage your heart? It is only by devine help, I believe, that you are able to do this. Forgiviness is a gift from God, there are not many people in this world who can forgive.

One is born a sinner, therefore, one has to change spiritually to be free form sin and then when one is free from the oppression of sin one becomes a child of God and when one becomes a child of God then one is able to do amazing things like forgive your fellow human being.

What keeps me and so many others from being able to display such grace?

I believe one has to become extraordanary, more than a human being, a God's child to show such a character.

Is this story an anomaly or is it a standard to aspire to?

Yes, I believe this is an anomaly and yes it is a standard to aspire to. It is very rare in humans to forgive, when you think about it is so simple to do. When Jesus was dying on the cross He said "forgive them for they know not what they do", how many of us would do that?

Have you ever witnessed such grace first hand or displayed it yourself?

When one displays such grace I believe one becomes much closer to God. This is a trait that is sadly much lacking in mere mortals like you and me.


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