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Hi All

I thought I should open this question for discussion because I need some help finding the right answer.

Now I know that 10 % of your salary belongs to God but what I want to know is whether you HAVE to give the % to the distributeChurch or could you it to those who need it outside the church? Can you give the 10 % to those who need the $ or should you pump it into the church?

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I never really understood tithing myself, but I was always taught by my mother that we give our ten percent to the church that we regularly attend. But I believe that God also want us to help those who are in need as well.
That's what I don't understand.

I know that your % should go to the church to help improve it and they can also help the people in need through out reach programs, but what I'm confused about it whether to give it to the church or help those who need it outside of the church.
please give the 10% to your church, that is the law of God. if you want to help those who are in need outside your church, take it out from the remaining 90% of your salary.
He redeemed us from the law? I didn't know that...

But your reply does help a lot. Thanks for giving your input and God bless you and your loved ones always! :D
or 10%, 20% or 30%. right, bro James?
There have already been a lot of forum posts on tithing here on TheNET. You may want to visit and alternately take a look at and
Hi Natalie
This is how it was explained to me: the Bible says 10% of our firstfruits must be tithed. We must keep in mind that when this law was given, a tenth could have meant a tenth of your harvest and not money necesarily. In light of this we must also remember that a tenth of our firstfruits may still not mean money exclusively! It could mean a tenth of our time, a tenth of what ever we make (if we work with our hands) or harvest or slaughter (if we are farmers)!
Remember the widow in the temple that threw into the money coffer all she possesed, (two copper coins, I think it was) and the rich man that with great fanfare threw in his 10% ? I don't think it is as much about the cash as is it is about the spririt in which you give. If that 10% is given grudgingly and with ill will, you might as well keep it. (Just my oppinion)
What is taught over and over in the Bible, however, is that we should give to the poor and the needy. Especially in today's terrible times. I am by no means telling you NOT to tithe, so please don't misunderstand me! All I say is that your 10% doesn't necesarily have to be money, and that the spirit in which you give is more important than the ammount.

You can do both at our we do tithes & offering the tithes belongs to God the offering you give that if your heart desires or to people in need
My question is, what if we don't belong to a church? Who do we give out 10% to?
Right now I don't belong to a church,,, my mother is very active in a church though. Could I pick any church to give it to, do I give it to my mom's church, or to an online ministry?
If you aren't a member of a church, you can't tithe.
My dear family in Christ

Thank you so much for making me understand Tithe better than I did. With your discussions I have found my answer and I believe that God will point me in the right direction.

Natasha gives a valid point and I believe in what she says (God bless you!). All statements that were made, made me see what needs to be done when it comes to your tithe and thank you all so much for helping me find the way.

I love you all and God bless each one of you and your family.

P.S Deedee310 I think it is important to join a church and to go to Sunday meetings as it will keep you strong. So please my dear friend go find a church that you feel you belong in and then give them your Tithe. I see now that to give your Tithe to the church is very important as it helps to sustain the church and helps them to help those outside of the church. CRC (Christian Revival Church) in South Africa uses the Tithe in many different ministries such as street ministry where they go out at night to pray for the lost and provide blankets, food and shelter to those in need. Thus the Tithe has such great importance in the church, which I only see now.

Sister in Christ
There are two sets of "authors" of the books of the Bible. There is God, and there are the human beings who were the instruments of God. But no one has ever compiled the names of the human authors, as far as I can tell, although people may have tried, and arrived at different conclusions. Knowing every single human author has never been important, although some of the authors are important persons of Salvation history. Salvation never depends on knowing who the exact human author is. I do not understand why you need to have this information.


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