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Europa-Rush…. Is a video that I produced using some fancy software.
This video only highlights our 10 day trip from home in our backyard with our puppy, “Fluffy” and then spins around the world to places in Europe such as Spain, France, Ephesus in Turkey, Rome [Capri and Sorrento] the Vatican and Vatican City, Pisa, Florence, Mt Vesuvius; Greece [Mykonos and Santorini] back to Barcelona in Spain to view the mountains and the Funiclar transporter. The video ends in our backyard in Jacksonville, FL.

Here it is and please enjoy it….it is best watched on a video with flash drive such as Chrome.

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Comment by John Saputo on May 20, 2015 at 7:53am

Must play the video on IE Chrome or with a flash player or plug...hope that helps

Comment by John Saputo on August 31, 2008 at 7:59pm
Hi Rew,
You said,
I attend a messianic temple in Long Island NY; and no, I ‘m not Jewish; but, the way GOD has been reveling things to mehas indicated that I could possibly have Jewish ancestors.
It really makes no difference. I am Italian but my daughter and grandchildren have some Hebrew blood. What is important is that when you trusted in Yeshua as the Lamb of God for the atonement of your sins you are now in God's family. Jews and Gentiles one new man benefiting from the new covenant for Israel and offered to all nations. There are many Messianic Congregation all over the US and in Israel. It is exciting what God is doing as we see the Second Coming of Messiah to set up His Kingdom on Earth. God bless you and you beloved husband.
John Saputo
Comment by REW on August 29, 2008 at 7:40am
Wow...The Europa Rush... what a Rush...praises to God; it looked as if you guys had a lot of fun.

Hi, I'm REW, and what a pleasure to write you. Again, I have hit the jackpot as far as connecting to someone who worships from a thread of faith that I do.

I attend a messianic temple in Long Island NY; and no, I ‘m not Jewish; but, the way GOD has been reveling things to mehas indicated that I could possibly have Jewish ancestors. However, even at this point of my walk whether I am of Jewish heritage or not is not what is important; what is important is that I am saved by the blood of Yeshua Hamashia (Hamashyia, I believe is also a spelling, I am searching to see if this is correct) Messiah…AMEN.

I found you also on someone else’s site, and what is interesting is I was just responding to a brother in Florida who had asked me about my messianic following; and, I had mentioned to him that there is supposed to be a messianic temple in Miami, and here your note to Christy confirmed it…what a ka-wink-a-dink.

My husband and I also enjoy travel. In fact your video trip is the very same trip I would have liked to have taken for our honeymoon. What a video, if you read my profile you’ll see I am a certified photographer; and you have an amazing talent with editing. Have you ever thought to branch out into that field…it is a growing one.

The LORD was the one who lead me into photography, as I was seeking to become a pastoral counselor…HE does have a sense of humor (long story short).

Any who, I will simple say “The LORD bless and keep you and yours…Shalom”

TTFN (Ta,Ta For Now) REW
Comment by John Saputo on August 17, 2008 at 1:38pm
I posted this video for family and friends. I hope they I enjoy our video
of our vaction to post Christian Europe and enjoy the sights of Spain, Rome, Greece, France, Turkey where Apostles and early Christian shared the faith. The harvest is late and labores few and I hope friends seekers will learn more about all about God net and
to find relevant answers to issues of life and faith in Jesus Christ our beloved Savior.

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