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At 12:44am on February 9, 2012, The Shearer. said…

Thanks for the friend request Remegio , the children in your photos are so beautiful ,and I love the bright colours of their clothes ,it will be good to see more of you in the future ,stay blessed ....Andrew.

At 8:03pm on February 8, 2012, Richard L. Broch, Sr. said…

Greetings Bother Remegio,

Thank you for your offer of friendship. I am honored.

I have had a special place for the people of the Phllippines in my heart for years.

I will pray for you and your work.


Grace and Peace.

At 10:19pm on January 17, 2012, Eric Johnson Jr. said…

Praise the Lord.  God bless you, family, and ministry.  I looked at your pictures and ministry.   Praise God,  I am blessed by what I saw.  Our Lord is truly blessing you.  I am praying about your invitation and thank you for this.  God is good.   May our Lord continue to bless you.  Smile Jesus loves you.  Philippians 3:13-14

At 2:04pm on January 4, 2012, DonnaLynn said…

Thank you brother for the friend request. May God bless you mightly in the coming year, 2012.

At 10:58pm on January 3, 2012, Eric Johnson Jr. said…

Praise the Lord.  God bless you and family.  Praying Lord's will be done on invitation.  God is good.  Thank you brother.  Smile Jesus loves you.  Philippians 3:13-14

At 4:15pm on December 24, 2011, The pilgrim said…

Thank you dear brother, Merry Christmas to you and yours....

At 3:47pm on December 24, 2011, The pilgrim said…

At 7:56am on April 20, 2010, delores kay napier said…
hope this day has fins you well. thank you for your hand of friendship. i hope we can learn from each other even if we dont always agree on topics. i do alot of reseach on the old jewish tradition & customs to get a better understanding of when i dont fully understand a chapter in the bible. i dont always agree with the group as a whole on the forum chat room so before we go any farrther in our friendship i just wanted to be up front on this... that way we have no misunderstanding in the future. i am open minded & willing to learn... have a great day.
At 5:51pm on December 24, 2009, Remegio CBlanco said…
Sir Ernest, be asured that we're always praying for you , your family and the Ministry. Looking forward to hearing from you again.Love you all.
At 6:26am on December 20, 2009, kathleen aldea said…

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At 10:32pm on December 16, 2009, Ps Jani Sigmund Wowiling said…
Be a candle
Be a light
Be s twinkle in the dark
Be a hope
Be an inspiration
Be different
Be in Him
Immanuel, God with us..
Merry Christmas 2009 &
Happy New Year 2010,
dear Pastor Remegio C Blanco.

Jesus less you all there,
Ps Jani S Wowiling
At 5:10am on December 8, 2009, Eli Schlabach said…
Thank you for the love, it lifts me higher
At 3:52am on December 8, 2009, Ps Jani Sigmund Wowiling said…
Dear Pastor Remegio C Blanco,
I really thank to God for this invitation.. Honestly, after I have relationship in Christ with you & others Pastor there, I have a vision that someday I am going there & doing crusade, Revival & Conference for His Holy Name.. Pastor, in 2010 I have plan to make mission trips to Singapore (February 2010), Malaysia (April 2010) & Thailand (July 2010). So, pray for me so I can arrange to go to Phillipines 2010.. I don't know much about Phillipines but something I know exactly that GOD loves Phillipines & He loves you all very much.. God will transform all of you to be His image & it will be happen..

give me more information what can I do there for His almighty name.. Let me know, so I can pray with my team what can we do there with you.. It's better if you send me the news to my email address or

Pastor, I remain..

In Christ Jesus,
Ps Jani S Wowiling
At 3:37am on November 5, 2009, Ps Jani Sigmund Wowiling said…
Shaloom Pastor Remegio, I am glad to send you this letter.. Hope you are in good health & be in faith of Him.. Pastor, I don't know how to make our friendship to be a partnership to serve our Lord Jesus, but I hope we can share God vision & mission in us so it might be a first step to be a close partnership. I am still in pray to have a networking with you to set up a Real Believers of young people in your country, not only several of them but much of them. We together pray & doing the best for Him so young people in Indonesia, Malaysia & Phillipines can be a real believers for Jesus. We will see them put his hand to the sickness & the sickness will heal, the death will be a life, satans will run offf from their way (Matthew 10 : 7 - 8). They all speaks about HIS GLORY.
Pastor, may be for the next I will write letters for you straight to your email address. Can I ? Thanks.
God bless you all..

The believers,
be a transformer,
be a trendsetter,
be a conqueror,
to be like Jesus.
Pastor Jani S Wowiling.

Ps Jani S Wowiling
At 3:45pm on November 04, 2009, Theresa Gullatt gave Remegio CBlanco a gift
Hello Thank you for your comment. I apologized for my slow response.
At 7:48am on October 31, 2009, Bennie L Homes said…
At 7:59am on October 26, 2009, Stephen Norris gave Remegio CBlanco a gift
God bless you!
At 2:20am on October 21, 2009, Ps Jani Sigmund Wowiling said…
Shaloom Pastor Remegio.. I am glad to have you as a friend in Christ Jesus.. I hope someday our friendship will be growth into partnership to serve Jesus in any aspect in ministry.. I am founder & the Pastor of THE BELIEVERS Ministry - Indonesia. God give me a vision to equip a young people to be a real Believers (Matthew 10 : 7 - 8) in Indonesia & to the nations (now I have build a new community & church in Kinabalu, Malaysia).
Pastor, support me in your pray.. & please be in touch.

In Christ Jesus,

Pastor Jani S Wowiling
Tel No. +6221.749.9169 / +62815.8883122.
At 2:55am on October 11, 2009, Pastor. C S SIMON said…
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