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You’re Amazed!  Matthew 12.23


What Amazes You?  Please reply twas my ‘send’.

This morning as I was driving to church, continuing to kick the question around like a mental football, I thought the fact that so many people responded to the question was really amazing!  ‘Wait … was it really amazing, or does that undercut the true meaning of the word?’  If something amazes, what does that mean exactly?

And why entertain the question anyway?  

Considering what amazes is a mental exercise

of our heart and soul, 

and has the ability to make us more aware,

and filled with gratitude,

as we contemplate both small things and great.


Take a look at the definition:

uamaze  [uh-meyz] to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly1

The word goes back to the 13th century,2 and as with many words today perhaps the term ‘amazing’ is used a little too willy-nilly, but that did not seem the case with responses from around the world.  I was honored and so pleased that people took the time to answer—some with great eloquence—and I wanted to share some of their thoughts.  Here are three:

What Amazes You?  This is you talking.

w Love. The emotion, the feeling, the things it will make you do, the things it will push you towards, the sacrifices it calls you to, the absolute depths it can affect your heart, mind and soul. And the fact that you can't touch it, see it, measure it or scientifically know it. To me, it's the most amazing and powerful thing in the universe and of life itself. It's what makes me believe that there is a God - where else could love come from? What Amazes You? Love. 

What Amazes You?  

wHow intimately God knows us and wants to bless us! 

A month ago today we told our daughter that she was not going to return to her same public middle school but rather was going to a small private school. She was quite upset about it. 

That evening our family prayed about and discussed adding another cat-- specifically a kitten for our daughter--or dog to our house. Fifteen minutes later a beautiful young-looking cat appeared in our backyard and quickly went to our daughter. After determining that she wasn't microchipped and putting up fliers for 10 days, we were thrilled that she could officially became a wonderful part of our family. 

And last night she had her three precious kittens in our garage to the utter delight of us all, especially our daughter who He allowed to discover Mama kitty and her first kitten! Yes, we're amazed at His tender love and great sense of humor, in addition to His almighty power!!  

What Amazes You?  Spoken from a Chicago mediator friend—hers is an interesting faith-filled perspective~

w I believe that when you have true faith, things stop becoming amazing or fantastic, but rather, the opposite, not surprising at all. Especially true for me, is the idea of nature or God, keeping perfect score, keeping a true balance in the universe.

It's "amazing" yet isn't, when something, completely out of our control, without our help, or most times, even without our knowledge happens and things are set straight. It's sometimes referred to as poetic justice, or karma, or whatever you want to call it, but it's really the hand of God aligning that which needs aligning 

It is the PERFECT remedy or answer to an injustice that even if attempted by a human could not be rectified to such an amazing extent. It just couldn't be done by a mere mortal. Too many stars and universes need to be aligned.  It is the work of perfection, at it's finest, the work that only the Holy Spirit could execute with perfect timing, and the correct amount of impact.

Although I must admit I am hurt when I have been wronged, I allow my emotions to settle, and think about how I don't have to do anything at all to settle the score. I am certainly not the judge or enforcer. The only thing that is required by me is a pure heart, good intentions, forgiveness toward the wrongdoer or situation.  I love when the score is settled, in God's time, according to Him. This is not because I am vengeful, but because it reminds me that God is always watching, keeping score. It keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Of course, I sometimes find myself on the side that is being "punished" and for that I am especially grateful.  I love that God reminds me that I am not perfect and I need to pay more attention. The more you know, the more is expected of you. When you make intentional "mistakes", the harder you fall because you know better and still make the wrong choice. Not good. 

That, my friend is what amazes, or used to amaze me. I still am in awe when it happens, but for not as long. These "signs" have become a way of life. I get them everyday. I am so grateful to get them and recognize them.  

It feels like he is telling me that I am on the right track, to keep going.  

More coming on what AMAZES  . . .



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