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Scriptural Readings: Genesis 1:1, Genesis 21:5-6, John 19:30, Matthew 6:10

In today’s world, everything comes with a warranty or guarantee. But what do these contracts mean, and how do they work? Are they necessary in modern lives where security is a top priority? When choosing a reliable and high-quality guarantee, how do we make the right choice? It may seem a simple issue, but have we considered the full significance of these seemingly basic assurances?

But what most of us know is that these written guarantees might expire. Occasionally, some companies offer a lifetime guarantee on their products, only to fold, leaving them useless. But what about emotions and things we cannot see but feel? Can we guarantee them? There will be, for sure, grey areas for most of us, and this tells us to depend on something or someone. It highlights the importance of relying on something or someone that will never let us down, as guarantees in life can be unreliable.

Is there anything else that can shake the foundation, question the core of our faith, or the unshakeable foundation God has laid? It is when the unimaginable confronts us. The moment second thoughts knock on our minds and hearts, causing us to make extreme changes about our faith, confusion settles in a flash. This confusion ridicules our God-loving loyalty.

Reality and truth.

The truth in everything will reveal itself no matter how diligently people mask it with lies. What is certain is that nothing can remain hidden forever. Our relationship with God is evidence. We have a two-way relationship, not a one-way relationship. It informs us of a living, compassionate God who provides us with objectives to accomplish. It contrasts with our feeble strategies and vain, fruitless attempts to impress Him by following a string of rules and laws.

Genesis 1:1

King James Version

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

The New Living Translation

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

” In the beginning…

Re'shiyth is the Hebrew word for beginning. It means and could be defined as being on top, for example, a mountaintop. It could also refer to who is at the front, like in a race. It could also imply the highest rank. For many of us, it means the beginning. What is the point? Are we about to join a bandwagon of people who want to argue about what the first verse in the Bible is? ” In the beginning… What about it?” If something starts or begins, it must have a purpose to accomplish before it ends. These days, we are more concerned about who is right or wrong when interpreting God’s words. Whoever wins gets more church memberships. People do not value what is more consequential, God’s divine purpose.

Revelation 21:5-6

King James Version

v.5 And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.

The New Living Translation

v.5 And the one sitting on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new!” And then he said to me, “Write this down, for what I tell you is trustworthy and true.”

“The beginning and the end.”

As humans, we know everything has a beginning and an end. However, we tend to overlook what happens in between.  It's crucial to question ourselves about God's purpose for us and whether we are fulfilling or failing it. While we know why Jesus was here and will return, we often struggle with how to lead our lives. Finding our divine purpose remains a challenge for many of us.

John 19:30

King James Version

The New Living Translation

It’s finished. 

When Jesus uttered these words, God completed His divine plan of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. It made the covenant He promised us unconditionally. His death on the cross satisfied God’s justice and fulfilled His promises to us. It also means that salvation does not exist except through His atoning death on the cross at Calvary. It does not end here. The end is just the start of an exciting beginning. It allows us to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and be reconciled to Him unconditionally, giving us access to heavenly blessings.

Matthew 6:10

King James Version

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven.

The New Living Translation

May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth,

as it is in heaven.

“Your will be done…

At the moment, whether our actions are of our own free will or God’s divine will is a longstanding contention. Regardless, God has a plan for us. The military proverb, “Obey first before complaining,” begs the question – do we question our faith, or does this saying hold truth? As humans, we’re constantly asking endless questions. If God asked us, “Who do you say I am?” What would our response be?

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