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It is a recreated spirit gaining ascendancy over the reasoning faculties and ruling the whole person. The recreated spirit has been made brand new with the Love Nature of the Father .
Jesus said" I am come that ye may have life and have it more abundantly" That life is the nature of the Father .A person is recreated by receiving God's nature into his spirit,which makes him/her a new creation and gives him/her a new self. The old self was selfish.but this new self is Love-ruled.This new life is like jesus. It is the substance and nature of Jesus. It is loves dominion over man.The Holy Spirit comes into the persons body and brings in more love. Romans 5:5"For the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit."
When the Holy Spirit comes in ,He brings the Ability of the Father and Son and builds them into us . Their very sufficiency,their strength, their wisdom is built into us . He opens the word and makes it a living thing to us . he reveals its depths and beauty,its riches and its grace.

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