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what you fail to take will be your downfall


When the children of Israel came into the promised land they failed they were to keep themselves holly to the Lord

Then they joined all the peoples around them married then accepted their gods and ultimately they were destroyed by those nations sins they allowed

Today the church stands at the cross roads right at the end of time judgement is coming sin is rampant in the church everywhere people are being told god understands he’s a big teddy bear

Well judgement is about to hit planet earth we have had Haiti where is next

Are we really ready

All over the western world especially we were all Christian nations USA UK AUSTRLIA CANADA NEW ZEALAND we had the gospel but have failed and like Israel will now go into slavery oh we may not be taken off to another land but we are already slaves to so much evil in our lands

Satan well he only takes the ground we give him if we give him race issues he will gladly take it spiritual stronghold lust he will take it greed he will take whatever we give him he will take gladly

We had the gospel to take it all but little by little we gave ground so it is in our own lives are we giving him ground secret sins little ones we allow oh just little its time to get the house in order

In new Zealand incest is rampant abuse in the home Reuben in the bible Jacobs eldest went up and had sex with his fathers wife the main symbol for our country is wavy lines i.e. water. water was the symbol for Reuben just something I believe the Lord showed me yes the symbols etc we adopt say so much about us oh new Zealand has failed at race relations it’s a boiling pot here we are no different to any other country

May we each examine ourselves are we right with God

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