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Some thought it was a terrorist attack. A few folks thought maybe there was a problem with the sub-way. Some were probably blaming it on global warning.

But, how many people experiencing the recent reletively minor earthquake on our east coast, including  WASHINGTON, D.C.,

attributed this situation to a wake-up call from Amighty God.

This country has been turning its back on God for some time now. Time and space does not allow me to list all the evidence  right now to suppot this statement.

People can come up with all kinds of lame explanations to cite for the hurricanes, floods, draughts, fires, and........................

earthquakes in "divers" (KJV) places, including the center of our government.


In the Old Testament there were Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah just to name a few, who sounded the alarm to the people.

In the New Testatment we see Paul, Peter, John, and.........Jesus, telling the folks to straighten up and fly right.


Who is there today? We can all get involved in the Great Commission.

Show and tell Jesus Christ across the world, the nation, the state, the city, and the dinner table. We must help them to re-act,

repent, and respond to God, through our Lord and Savior, Jesus.


Grace andPeace.

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Comment by a servant (Chris) on August 24, 2011 at 1:39pm


I will say Amen.  And put my armor on.

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