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Violent threats issued against Nepalese Christians

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"When I called, you answered me; you greatly emboldened me." Psalm 138:3 (NLT)


Violent threats issued against Nepalese Christians

The Unified National Liberation Front (Samyukta Jatiya Mukti Morcha), an armed group, has issued violent threats to Christian leaders if they do not give in to its financial demands.

Nearly 1,500 government officials from 27 districts have resigned after receiving threats from the group. "The pastors who received the extortion calls do not want to go public for fear of retaliation," said Lok Mani Dhakal, general secretary of the Nepal Christian Society (NCS).

Besides facing threats from this new group, Nepalese Christians have been subject to persecution due to longstanding animosity that began when Nepal was a Hindu state; the anti-Christian sentiment is still alive, four years after Parliament declared the nation secular.

Ishwor Pudasaini, pastor of Assembly of God Church, said that his neighbours revile him and make threatening gestures. His family is not allowed to enter any public place, and he is afraid to spend nights in his old home for fear of being attacked.

In addition, a legislative panel in Nepal has proposed retaining a ban on converting others in the country's new constitution. Parliament has yet to decide on the proposal, but Christian leaders said they fear it is likely to be approved given that Nepal's largest political party, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal, led by former Maoist rebels, sympathizes with the deposed king's wishes for such a ban. The country is forging a new constitution as part of its transition from a Hindu monarchy to a democracy.

Source: Compass News Direct

Please pray:

1. That Christians will stand firm and be protected in the face of increasing violent threats

2. That Pastor Ishwor Pudasaini, will know increased freedom and fruitfulness in his ministry

3. That the ban on converting others will be removed in the new constitution.

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