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Few minutes back I heard Pres. Trump is unwilling to talk to Nicolás Maduro. How many times have they talked?

Whatever it happens after the end of Bolton office, I'm aware God is behind. We Venezuelans never voted for COMMUNISM itself but we became idolaters (we were as the RCC is) but we became servants of human ideologies that exalted men ABOVE God, so few would grasp what Venezuela became. Our unrest is not only economic, social and unfamiliar: If I talked back against the systematic reverence they imposed, I could be imprisoned, besides being "socially" banned, for not being an idolater or for using this language to interact (with me) online.

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Comment by Secular Hermit on September 16, 2019 at 9:47am
Local políticians spoke about the económic blockade... How come they always get money to spend in useless and EXPENSIVE things like an international convención (here and abroad)?

If you like reading, Ezekiel Chap. 34 spoke a lot about leaders, politicians & sheppards.
Comment by Secular Hermit on September 13, 2019 at 2:18pm
Since Maduro is promoting and sponsoring hate against Americans, some ppl here made used of some funny sarcarsm to CHALLENGE chavistas to buen all the American bills they have in the pockets next saturday: As an antiamericanist protestas!

How many dollars will they burn?

I guess no one bill!

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