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Isn't it Beautiful!?  There is still a gray(ness) in the air, but can you see the potential?   The trees are not in bloom yet, but still, there are buds just starting to make an appearance.  Can you see the hint of yellow in some of the distant branches?  The water level is low, and the rocks are stopping the stream from flowing on the one side, but to the left, the water is flowing.  I walk by this stream every morning with Ava, my Golden Retriever.  I like to stop here and just take a moment to rest.  Winnie the Pooh had a thoughful (thotful) spot and I do too.  Do you have one?  Jesus had a thoughtful spot.  Luke 5:16 says that Jesus often withdrew to pray.  Can you imagine?  The Lord of all, the One who is Sovereign and Over all things, the Creator of the Universe ...withdrew to pray.  In the Presence of His own Power and Authority, he models humility. As I was resting in my thoughtful spot, I pondered the two sides of the stream, one blocked, the other flowing.  The blockage could represent many things, for me it was life circumstances.  A small rock might not represent your circumstances very accurately at all.  Maybe even a pile of rocks won’t adequately reflect your present difficulties.  It could very well be that you're looking at more of a mountain.  In Matthew 17:20 Jesus tells us that with faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains.  I wonder how often we allow blockages in our lives which stop us from hearing from God, or trusting that He can and will move that mountain?  Maybe we just forget what His voice sounds like because we've stopped asking, seeking and knocking.  Perhaps you’ve never known His voice and you think hearing it impossible.  How often do we stop or block, or interfere with that perfect communion, that perfect communion that we were created for in the first place?  The One who Created us, Loves us, died for us and rose back to life and defeated death wants to be reconciled with us and calls each one of us by name.  HE desires for us to be in full fellowship with Himself.  He counts the hairs on your head and collects each tear in a bottle.  He knows your name, and He wants you to know His.

 We will go through times of gray, squint if you have to, but there is still beauty in them. 

If you look hard enough you will see hints of yellow in the distance. There is always potential for beauty even in the grey circumstances.  Even if it's darker than grey.

It may take a thoughtful spot for you to see it.

~C Butler

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