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Glory to God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, amen!

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."- Matthew 24:35

This blog post is not meant to serve as an exhaustive or even menial researcher into the fact that our very God-given planet is dying faster and faster as we human beings create our own demise. I just thought I would share some thought provoking facts to meditate on:

Most of the world is now being born into the biggest cult. It is not a religious organization, but it fuels the lives and engenders daily zeal for those who are its members. It is the cult of Materialism. From the time we are babes to the time we depart this earth our modern society constantly bombards us with the message of "consume". This Cult's creed is that of those who are fearless of God: "Eat, drink, be merry, for tomorrow we die!" The end goal of life and our daily "drive" becomes one of avarice. And for what? Only to make us more financially able to provide for our wants. Wants which we term as "needs" or "I-can't-live-without-it"'s, etc. Life is reduced to nothing more than: study in order to enter higher education; graduate higher-education to receive a diploma in order to "score" a higher-salary job; once getting your job, try all you can to advance on the latter of "success" and receive raises, promotions, human glory, etc. And it's all for what? Dust. Then you perhaps have children who will only become slaves to this cult of Materialism. Once your children move out of your house, and venture upon the same path of achieving "success" as you did, you can now retire, settle down somewhere warm and comfy and now collect all the cool toys and gizmos and do all sorts of "fun" things you never before did! Wow, what fun! The goal is to die with the most toys than the other joe on the block, or receive the most human glory, or the most financial gain. But in the end can we really give a pat on the back to mere dust-- for that's the end result of all this vain seeking-- both for the seeker and for the things sought-after. 

To escape this cult is to enter into communion with God through Jesus Christ. It is to seek those things which moth and dust do not corrupt-- namely the eternal riches which virtue from God bring. We not only escape, in Christ, the shackles of the world's biggest cult, but we find healing and our true identity as humans as we embrace the humility of Christ Jesus and are released from the shackles of pride and hedonism.

Just some things to ponder--

It is often portrayed to the world that our great US of A and other Western countries alike are to be the models of a perfect society. 

China, though communist, is coming closer to this "model" in terms of economic growth. For example, China is nearing the same car to human ratio as the U.S (roughly 1 car per person). If this is truly met, it will mean that China alone will need to import more oil than is produced in one years time! 

Some more facts for thought: the U.S only makes up approximately 5% of the entire population of the earth, yet it consumes 25% of the earths natural resources! 25%! So if more populated countries such as China and India achieve the American/Western "dream" and are "enlightened" through drastic economic growth thanks to our model nation, the "best nation in the world" then we will not physically be able to provide the sufficient amount of natural resources required to sustain such a reality. 

If the Cult of Materialism is adopted by all 7 billion inhabitants, then we will need about 2 extra planet earths to provide all of the necessary natural resources, raw material, etc for this reality. 

It all stems from the chief of sins: pride. This is humanities downfall and our only hope is in Christ!

If we would not search for more than we need; If we would be content with frugality as Christ was; if our eyes were on the Kingdom of God which can truly be manifested to anyone by God's grace in this age and in the age to come, then our world would truly be a Utopia. But we have the implications of the Fall rooted within our human nature, and not everone chooses to head the message of redemption which exists in the Lord Jesus.

Glory be to Christ who will truly redeem this decaying earth. Glory to Him for saving us sinners- the Christians. Let's find salvation daily in Him who has conquered death through His death.

Let our eyes be on uniting with the Lord instead of uniting with sin and ashes of a fallen world.

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