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" If thou seek Him, He will be found of thee: but if thou forsake Him, He will cast thee off for ever ". - 1 Chronicles 28 ; 9

Greetings to you ,

Many of us think about our LORD , only at the time of troubles. Because we need His help to overcome from them. We do not think that we need His help each and every second. We just ignore His love and mercy at the time our happy moments. He is saying that He want to be with us and save us from draining down to the hell because of our sins. He do not want to forsake us at any time. He do not want us to be defeated by the Satan. He wants us to be with Him for ever. As we hide ourselves from His sight and keep ourselves far away from Him, we feel we are forsaken. Then only we try to seek Him. One thing that we should never forget that our sins are the root cause of our troubles. These sins make us to hide ourselves from His sight.

We should have to submit our hearts and minds to Him by true repentance. We should have to cleanse our 'dish' both inside and outside. By believing in the Gospel of water and in His blood and in His baptism, we can understand His love for us. For this we should have to be in continual prayers with steadfast faith make us to keep ourselves in touch with Him and we can seek Him. By being fervent in prayers we can find Him. Amen.

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