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I came across this, thought some might see what I saw:
...This is the story: The king of a certain country was growing old, and he had no son to succeed him. He announced to his people that he would choose an heir to the throne from among the young men of the country by a competitive test which would give all an equal chance. On the day appointed a great number of young men presented themselves. A certain test was made, and some failed while others passed. Then other tests came, and each time some were rejected till at last only three were left.
They were put through test after test, but all seemed equally able to meet them, so the king announced through his heralds that on the next day the matter would be decided by a foot-race. The course was marked off, the judges were at their places, and all was ready. Just at this time a man came up to each of the contestants and said secretly to him, "The king is taking special note of you. Do not run when the signal is given until the king gives you a special signal." The three took their places eager for the race. The signal was given, one bounded forward quickly, then hesitated and stopped; then another sprang forward after him, upon which the first started forward again and they ran for the goal with all speed. The third stood looking anxiously at the king and at the two runners, murmuring to himself, "I can make it yet, I can make it yet." The king gazed at the runners and gave no heed to the one still standing. The waiting man thought himself forgotten and soon realized that it would be impossible for him to win the race. He felt that all was lost for him.
The two runners ran on at top speed, reaching the goal together. They were brought back, and all three stood before the king. To the first he said, "Were you not told not to run until I gave you the signal? Why then did you run?"
"I forgot," said the man.
Of the second he asked the same question. His reply was, "I thought it would be but a moment till you would give the signal, and seeing the other running I ran also."
To the third he said, "And why did not you run?"
"Because you did not give me the signal, sir," he answered.
"My son," said the king, "I knew that you could run, but I did not know that you could wait."
So the young man found that the test was not a test of doing but of waiting. And thus the Lord said to me that day, "I knew that you could run, I knew that you would work with all your strength; but can you wait on me?" These words have been repeated over and over in my heart during the long years. It was a hard lesson to learn, and many times I have grown weary, many times I have longed for the end of the waiting; but that lesson has helped me to bear and to wait and to be patient in the waiting. Sometimes it has seemed that the answer would never come. Sometimes it has seemed that the Lord had forgotten. Many times I have had to say to my heart, "Be patient and wait." This is the hardest lesson that many of us ever have to learn, but learn it we must if God's will and his plan are to be fulfilled in our lives...

This one of many Talks from Charles Naylor, he was an invalid after a tent accident.
I thought it was a very good lesson, and such a powerful way to say “wait on the Lord”

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Comment by Liz on September 1, 2011 at 8:49am
So true Chris, wonderful illustration. if we can only learn to wait on God's signal............................
Comment by Grace by the Lake on August 31, 2011 at 9:51pm
Wow! I commented on amandans blog about wondering if saved or bot about two hours ago before reading this story. Our spirit is well tuned brother. The lord put it on my heart to mention to her about resting in the Lord and waiting on Him.and wanting to Do and to please Him. This is a great story with a great lesson in it for all of us. Thankyou for posting. God bless you! :)
Comment by journeyman on August 31, 2011 at 5:11pm

Dear Chris, Thanks so much for this story. Wisedom and Patience are much sought after virtues. Both can be found in God's gift of the Holy Spirit to us. Now having us actually "accept" that is another story.

your friend and Brother in Christ,


Comment by William Adams (rockabillie) on August 31, 2011 at 11:48am

Chris, Love this story.


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