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In the New Testatment, judgement tends to occur in eight areas, which are:i}The Cross Judgement John 16:11, 2. The believers self-judgement 1 Cor.11:31, 3.The chastisement By the Father Heb.12:6-11, 4. The Bema-the judgements seat of Christ 2Cor.5:10, 5. The Tribulation Ezek.20:37,38, 6.The judgements of Gentile NationsMatt.25:31-46,7.The Great White Throne Judgement Rev.20:11-15, 8. TheJudgements of Angels 1 Cor.6:3. The fundamental principle of divine judgements, is that God will judge according to the truth v2, deeds v6, light v 11-15, and the gospel which reveals human thoughts and motives v.16. Christians should live their lives accountable to God for their attitudes and actions. I did not realize there were 8 different judgements, until I started studing The Bible in depth. I just thought it was The Great White Throne Judgement, but it isn't the only one. The Bible has so much knowledge in it and I can read the same Scripture a day or two later and it means another opening that God showed. You know it says in Proverbs the beginning of wisdom is knowledge. Our God is Awesome and so truthful I want to know more and more about Him. I thrist after God and I want to be worthy of Him. It's God who wakes me up every morning and I always thank Him for letting me live to see another day and to let the death angel pass me by. He is so precious and He will always be there to protect us, if we let Him and are a child of God bought with the Blood of Jesus. Without Him I wouldn't be whole and I would never of recieved all the blessings He has given me, and the blessings that He is going to give me. Father I pray that whoever reads these sayings will get a blessing and wisdom and more understanding of Your Word, I ask this in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Amen

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