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The Image of God: The Representational View and Implications for Human Origins, Part 1

Hey everyone! If you've ever wondered what being made in the "Image" of God means, and who... or what... qualifies... read on! God bless!

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I love tough questions. 

“Is a newly fertilized embryo human?”

“Were Neanderthals human?”

“If Adam and Eve lived over 100,000 years ago, what does that say about the Bible?”

"What about Artificial Intelligence?"

And, one of my favorites: “What would you do with your faith in Jesus if aliens suddenly showed up?”

All of these particular questions deal with something called the ‘Image of God.’  How we understand and apply this little phrase has a huge impact on how we, as Christians, answer these tough questions.  To hold positions on any of these questions, or to make culturally relevant arguments on issues like abortion, euthanasia, or even aliens, it is crucial to understand what being made in the ‘Image of God’ actually means. ..... (click for more!)

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