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I am sharing some of my testimonies in this blog.Please feel free to put your testimonies also in this

Testimony 1:

I am not sure which class I was studying at that time probably I was 10 or 11 years old.There were lots of financial problems in my family.We started wandering away from God that is me, my brother and mother by leaving God the first place.The family debt started to increase.One day some one invited us for a prayer meeting.Me and my brother went first and my mother was to come late and join.The prayer started.The preacher closed his eyes and started praying.As soon as my mother entered the preacher who is already closing his eyes started telling "There is a sister here, she is surrounded by demon who are trying to take her life but a cross is coming to save her".Then he proceeded to tell the exact place in my house where my mother has hidden 30 sleeping pills.My mom burst with tears and that was the day me,my brother and mother were born again.Thank you God for saving our lives

Testimony 2:

This is one of the incidents I keep reminding myself. I was working in a hardware institute. At that time my pay was little less than that of the office boy in that company. I was handling three plus profiles which includes Faculty, Lab Technician and stock maintenance guy. One day I found some books were missing and I reported that to the technical manager at that time. But people felt I do not know how to take stock count. Later after a few days I found some books were added to the existing stock. I refused to issue any book to the students since me and the office boy were counting this time, I knew for sure the mistake was not from my side. I had my doubts on few people especially the accountant who also had access to the stock room. She was working there for more than 3 years before I join. I tried to explain people that something wrong is happening. But everyone including my brother and cousin felt I am not good in maintaining stock.

At last my senior manager called me and informed that a sum of Rs 300 would be cut off from my pay if the two books lost were not found. At that time family was under a debt of more than a Lakh rupee. It’s the matter of money alone but my honesty was also questioned.

I went into the library which was a small room in that office and I sat down and cried to God. Sooner I was taken out of stock maintenance. Since I was good in terms of sending reports, I was assigned another responsibility called Exam Coordinator. After six months the guy who was appointed in my place for stock maintaining got similar situations. So the new management looked into it and found that the accountant has stolen Rs 3,00,000 from the stock. Praise God at last my brother, cousin and all other employees came to know I was honest in my work. And before the same people who tried to pull me down God lifted me up. Praise God !!!

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Comment by Sharon Mbatha on October 7, 2010 at 8:23am
My Goodness,thats very inspiring.
We serve a mighty God,i know i tend to sometimes forget how powerful He is and mosly take Him for granted but He is always there for us,always guiding.loving and will never leave or forsake us.
Thank You for sharing your testimonies.Im blessed bcause of it!

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