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Taking a Journey with the Apostle John – Part XV

Taking a Journey with the Apostle John – Part XV

1 John 3:7-10

John emphasizes the fact that the people to whom he is writing, including us that are saved today, are children of God. This identification must forever be recognized and embraced by the believer in Jesus Christ. When we gather together on Sunday, or at any other meeting of the church body, it is a type of family reunion. It is a time for celebration, encouragement and extending help as necessary. Read More

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Comment by Leonard T on April 14, 2015 at 11:13am

Food for thought is always good as it causes us to pause an ponder the Word of God.

Regarding what you said, it depends on what victory you are celebrating. We have the joy of celebrating in this life once we have been transformed, by the work of the Holy Spirit, from being a child of darkness into being a child of light. I believe that is a great reason to celebrate ... don't you? If you are talking about celebrating our home going and the finish of the race I would say we have reason to be joyful as we know that day is coming and I have a secure hope in Him. Yes, this life will be filled with skirmishes, some of which we will feel as if we are losing, but the victory is secure in Christ for those who are now the children of God.

There is a huge difference between the race you mention and the race Paul refers to in the Word of God. In the race you mentioned there were other competitors to worry about and only one winner. The runner was trying to beat other players to win a crown that will fade. In this race of life as a child of God there are no other competitors. I am not trying to beat you to the finish line nor fear that you might beat me. I simply must continue on this journey as a child of God seeking to please my heavenly Father and He will do His work of completing that which He has started (Philippians 1:6). We all run the same race called life, but each runs in their own private division as a child of God. We, as children of God, are on the same track and can encourage one another and help one another finish our respective race, a race that has a crown that will not fade or tarnish for each competitor as they finish their private race having completed in their own private division.

Lord Bless,


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