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Hello, once more, my dear family in Lord Jesus. =)

I hate to be this way….but when I heard the HLN news this morning, I have felt irritated. Apparently, there was a survey of those who mixed religions, like Christianity, with New Age or other “mystical experiences”….. I know I may not have a right in being critical….but I do not see it as right to be picking and choosing when it comes to our spiritual life.

I mean, I can understand if some Christians do not know that “new age” music, yoga, horoscopes, and totems were wrong. I have been in that position before….All you need to do is learn, repent, and avoid making those mistakes. God forgives all sin, and is faithful to those with a desire for Him in their hearts. That is one thing, but if you /know/ those things are not what God wants us to be involved with, and you still do it….that is not fair.

Christianity is a relationship, and you can not be treating any valuable relationship like “Oh, I don’t like this, I will just believe in that”. That makes me angry….and sad. Would you do that to your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend? It is like lying and cheating. It is written in the bible not to take part in any pagan or occult practices, it is very unhealthy in the least, and dangerous at most. I guess it is like they say when it comes close to those times….there would be more of that garbage around, even in some of my brothers and sisters.

I think of it like this….Jesus never treated us like that. He knew there were many things in us that left Him feeling distressed….but He never stopped believing in us, everything in each of us! He did not pick and choose other things to believe or like, just because of our faults. He died for us, that is how much He loved and believed in us!
Of course, there is no fault in Jesus, He is God, but my point is….For someone who cared about us so much, it is disgusting to be trying to change the idea of Christianity, just because we have favor in other elements in other religions…..When He never did that to us.

Maybe I am just rambling, but it has been bothering me to think that more of my siblings in Jesus would do that, even with knowing…..

Forgive me, all….for all that. It was something I needed to talk about it.
I love you all, and may God and Lord Jesus bless each of you.

Love, Cheyenne

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