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This morning as we worship our Lord we are reminded it that today is Palm Sunday. The voices of the faithful will be raised in joyous hallelujah's.
“Hosanna to the Son of David!

Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!

Hosanna in the highest heaven!”

Matt 21:9 (GW)

The crowds went wild as they saw Christ approaching and threw palm branches and their cloaks onto the ground in recognition of His kingship. Here was the man whose reputation was known far and wide. He was the provider of food, He was the great healer even raising the dead. His teachings stirred the hearts of countless. This was their King. This was the man who would free them from their bondage. Jesus wasted no time in demonstrating His authority, dealing with hypocricy within the "church" as He cleanses it from the greed and lust of those whose hearts were tuned to the god of this world. He would teach them to be honest, just, righteous, to be vigilant, to be prepared for the unexpected events yet to come. During this time His enemies, those within the "church" those who worshipped His Father would declare Him a false prophet, a blasphemer, one who dishonoured God and insulted the Law of Moses. These same "church" leaders would seek to have Him killed. During the next several days the cries of "Hosanna" would be changed to "Crucify Him" instead of palm branches there would be fists raised in anger, Instead of crowds seeking to hear Him, to witness more miracles they now followed Him to witness His downfall, crying out for His blood.
Little did they understand that Christ would indeed give them opportunity to feed on His bread of life, to quench their thirst from His fountain of eternal water, He would heal them of the worst disease known to the world, a disease called sin, His teachings would give those who received it strength, guidance and hope. He will one day raise all the dead and those who died faithful to Him would enjoy eternity in heaven. But first must come the great sacrifice.

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