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8 Or what woman, having ten bits of silver, if one bit has gone from her hands, will not get a light, and go through her house, searching with care till she sees it?

9 And when she has it again, she gets her friends and neighbours together, saying, Be glad with me, for I have got back the bit of silver which had gone from me.
Luke 15:8-9 (BBE)

Webster's New World Dictionary defines a miracle as "A remarkable event or thing, marvel." It also defines it as "An event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws and is hence thought to be due to supernatural causes, esp. an act of God. W.E. Vine defines the Greek word as being of supernatural origin and character something that could not be produced by natural means or origins.
I will go with Webster's definition as "a remarkable" event.
About 44 years ago I saw my sister now after more than four decades we have been reunited. Darlene was adopted not long after she was born. We are about 13 months different in age. For most of my life there has been a void in my life until now its being filled with a younger sister from I was separated at a very young age. All three of my sisters (two of whom are older) and I were raised by foster parents after an unplesant experience took us from our biological parents. I never knew one could experience so much joy, happiness and contentment in life of having a sister. What a blessing! I do not cease to give God praise, glory and honour for His love and goodness in re-uniting us. My prayer, my hope and desire is meet my sister face to face, to meet all my sisters face to face. This is such a joy, such a blessing I needed to share this with so that you may share my joy, my blessings

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