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Principality of Fear, By Dr. Dorothy Hooks PsyD

This is a wonderful and very through teaching on the effects of fear on our lives, if we allow it. It comes to steal, kill and destroy what God is doing in, around and thru us. We must learn to understand this, and how to recognize it, and stand against it. Dr. Hooks is a Christain, and also has a PHD, in Christian Counseling, and specializes in Women who are Abused. Hope you find this teaching very helpful and liberating.

Perhaps after reading it, or while reading thru it, you might want to discuss it in the reply section below, or share the effects it has or is having on your life, for the benefit of others. None of us are immune to the spirit of fear, it can attack at any time, however, understanding that it is the exact opposite of faith, and that we do have power over it, will help us to overcome its powerful effects upon us.

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