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Hello all,

I have friend who is in great need of help. Her friend has an addiction with smoking, and has struggled greatly with it. The enemy has been attacking him and her with so much emotional distress. She cries herself to sleep because she is worried so much about it. She has all her Christian friends, like myself, to pray and help him be free of the addiction.

Please help me, I have prayed for his deliverence, and asked Jesus to comfort both him and her and let them know that He is there always for them.

Please, my brothers and sisters in my Lord Jesus, help them with your prayers.

With Godly love,


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Comment by Gayla on December 19, 2009 at 4:22pm
The smoking is harmful to your friends health, but, it has nothing to do with their salvation. If they will trust in Jesus, with all their heart, and seek him, he will help to remove the addiction. I know, because I was there !!!

I have been free now for about 25 years.... Praise to the King.

Rest in Jesus...he will work deliverance in due time.

God bless...

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