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Lord, keep me ever mindful and joyful,
knowing that You are the True source of my hope.
With Your daily mercies, renew my spirit
with a resolute perspective, based on The Word.

Lord, remind me to always be patient,
since my pain pales in comparison to any…
of the afflictions suffered by You
on my behalf during Your crucifixion at Calvary.

Lord, teach me to be faithful in prayer.
I know that my voice will be heard, when I’m…
lovingly covered by Your grace and righteousness.
Let all of my prayers, be pleasing unto Thee.




Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Rom 12:12; Psa 51:10-12; Isa 53:4; Prov 15:29

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2012, All rights reserved.


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