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I am usually thrilled when I place orders and I get the delivery of the order just at my doorstep. We all know how effective courier services could be especially in the western world. You have the option of placing an order and getting it the next day or in two to three days’ time as the standard is. The fact that you are able to track your order right from the point of purchase, all through the process until it is delivered makes the whole course very interesting. It is so delightful to watch your order move from state to state and city to city and then to your neighbourhood and finally to your door. The tracking even gives you an estimated delivery time! I so like the effectiveness of most of the courier companies and the dexterity with which they do their job.


Most times, we are excited to sign for the delivery of an order for an item we love so much. I’m usually ecstatic about such deliveries. When it is something I so look forward to getting, I peep from the window sometimes to see if there’s any delivery truck driving through the neighbourhood or parked at our entrance and more often than not , I get very eager to open the door when the bell rings( having counted days in anticipation of a delivery).


Out of curiosity I have checked the tracking online again few minutes after a delivery and most times, I have realised the records are updated few minutes after the delivery is made and the status immediately shows “Package Delivered”. The same thing applies when you drop a package for postage. In the same way you receive, you are able to track the status of the package as it goes through the process of delivery until it gets to its destination and it is signed for; with the name of the person who signs for it being indicated as well.


Friends, we can take a cue from this process as we “post” our package of prayers to heaven. This is tantamount to making online orders. Daily, we send packages and parcels of different sizes and shapes to God. There are the funny requests, the serious ones, the exhilarating ones, the ones borne out of fear and the requests mixed with pain. Heaven receives all sorts of prayers by the minute! However, we need to ask ourselves what courier company we use in sending our requests to God. Have you ever imagined that most times, a lot of us place orders, send requests to heaven, but we never track whatever happens to them? Most times we even forget about them entirely.


The most effective courier service that carries our request to heaven is FAITH, driven by the WORD of God. With that duo, you cannot be afraid of no delivery! Philippians 4: 6 says "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God”. When you send your request to heaven, do you follow up to ensure your parcel has been signed for by God? How do you know God acknowledges your requests? His word tells us that when we call, He hears….Hearing means, I acknowledge receiving your prayers. 1st John 5: 14 says Now this is the confidence that we have in Him that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us”. Oh what a sweet confidence ( rooted in faith) that He HEARS us when we pray according to his will. His will is based in His word. You can’t pray amiss when you pray with the word. So we have an assurance that when we pray in faith and according to His will, our parcel is acknowledged: God Himself signs for it, because He listens to our prayers; He hears us.


However, we must not stop there! This is where many people miss out. You have sent your order to God, fine; you have prayed to Him according to His will.  It is his will for you to get married, to have children, to prosper, to be in good health, to multiply, replenish and dominate on earth. Yes you have prayed and He has heard…But do you expect to receive the delivery of your order; waiting earnestly for it? There are a lot of orders that have been processed in heaven but we don’t receive delivery of them why? We don’t look out for them, we don’t expect them, and we don’t track them. Most times, we get carried away by what we see in the physical and get discouraged. We worry and we are not able to follow through.  If we meticulously track our earthly orders, harassing the courier company if there is a delay or no delivery and they get us sorted out, how much more shall we get our heavenly packages sorted out and delivered to us?

I must let you know that a different courier company makes the delivery of our order from Heaven to us. It is called THANKSGIVING. Courier company Faith and the Word takes your order to God, but Thanksgiving transports your answer back to you. Philippians 4: 6 which we earlier read says ….”Make your requests known by prayer and supplication (borne out of Faith and enforced by the word) WITH THANKSGIVING”….. Thanksgiving is that final force that ensures delivery.


Needless to say that there are innumerable company of angels sorting out orders on a minute by minute basis. There is no basis for any mix-up. The world’s population is estimated to be about 7 billion people but angels are innumerable. (Heaven must be immeasurably big; with the Host of innumerable angels and Spirits of just men made perfect, the twenty Four Elders, Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant and God the Judge of All Himself: What a great congregation!). There is order and perfection in Heaven and your request can NEVER be forgotten or sent to another person. However, the process cannot be complete without you playing your part.  Are you tracking your package with thanksgiving from a genuine heart?


Do you offer praise to God constantly over your requests because you are certain He has HEARD YOU? Or do you complain bitterly about how things are even after you have prayed by faith? Thanksgiving MUST be a lifestyle and not a random act. Even when the devil makes an attempt to delay or divert your blessings, the angels will collaborate and come to the aid of your parcel  like angel Michael came to the rescue of the other angel when Daniel’s blessing was being withstood by the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia(Daniel 10:13).


1st John 5: 15 says “And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him. We know that He has heard and not only that He has heard, we will HAVE (receive) whatever it is we have asked of him.


So next time you place and order; the bells rings, and you sign for your parcel, be rest assured that in the same way, with PRAYERS AND PETITION WITH THANKSGIVING, your requests will be delivered from heaven….CERTAINLY!



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