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Sawyer after being able to breath on his own was simply amazing the doctors. He was so ahead of schedule. Yes he was having episodes with his breathing, but was pretty much doing a lot on his own. He was now at 34 weeks gestation where the things he was accomplishing were two weeks early. A true miracle in their eyes.

 We were so waiting for the day that Sawyer would be moved from his isolette to a bassinet. They were now slowly preparing him for that moment.

 On Christmas Eve after spending some time by Lynn's grandma, we spent the night at the hospital. We wanted to wake up in the same facility as our baby. We both held him before we turned in for the night. This was the first time that we were able to pass him from one person to the next. Sawyer was getting stronger, but it was hard not to handle him with the extreme caution that we grew accustomed to.

 The next day was Christmas Day!! It was also my birthday. I got to feed Sawyer for the first time without his feeding tube. What a great present that was!! He was so good for me that day. I have so much to be thankful for. Thank You God!!

 With every passing day Sawyer was one step closer to coming home.

 In reading Lynn's notes I can't help but feel the love that she has for that little boy. I thank God so much that she is his mother. He will always be in good hands with her.

 On the 8th of January Sawyer had surgery to repair his hernia and also get circumsized. The doctor noticed that his appendix was double its size (actual size of an adults) so it also had to be removed. What a rough day that was for him. Totally wiped him out. Even though everything turned out well it seemed like we took a step backward after seeing his lifeless body back in the ventilator. He never woke up the rest of the day.

 The next day was pretty rough. He was so hungry and agitated. He couldn't have any food until they knew his bowel movements were functioning properly. His crying was hoarse, he wouldn't even open his eyes because they were swollen from the iv fluids during surgery. He was not a happy camper. We did all we could to comfort him.

 The emotions of this part of our life will never go away. God always reminds us what he is capable of. We see it in Sawyer every day. Sawyer is a miracle and  the main reason why we have come to know our Lord. His plan for us has only just begun.

 To be coninued.......

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