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May God bless all you mothers out there.

Here are some thoughts I just want to share with you =

                                               Mothers  Know

When we first come into the world,

With fingers and toes unfurled,

We need loving care from a pro,

No problem - Mothers know.

Then there's burping, and colic too,

Teething, and maybe a touch of flu,

Learning to walk might be slow,

Whatever it takes - Mothers know.

First day of school,

When teachers rule,

What happens when grades are low?

A course of action - Mothers know.

Oh oh, our best friend has turned away,

What a miserable terrible day,

What to do.....where to go?

Bringing light to loneliness - Mothers know.

Now, our first love loves us no more,

How can this be, the one we adore......?

Where can we go with all of this woe?

For care and comfort - Mothers know.

Later, 'round the block for years,

Yes, occasions yet for tears,

We still know where to go,

Back to Mom, cause - Mothers know.

Happy Mother's day!

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