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'So bless to have Aaron Clark...
2004.. when I stopped working because
I got pregnant again!!! for the fifth times...
which I really don't want to have another baby!!!
I was not a Christian yet,
and I do intend to miscarriage him!!!
I was a chained smoker then
and I thought I had miscarriage..
but after few months,
I went to my OB-gyn. and
said I was 5 months
preggy... and it was a boy!!!!
I really cried and worried because I know
I was trying to abort him and had miscarriage...
But God has purpose for everything!!!!
He used the circumstances and
give us Aaron Clark,
as a very,wonderful blessing for the family...
We become all Christians in the family...
Clark was born normal and Jesus loves him...
At the age of 3 years ..He has already a thankful heart,
always giving thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ...
everything he sees, he always says thank you!!!
and now... I made this video for him and to Jesus
because I know... Jesus loves Clark....
Glory to God...

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Comment by Christy Gabriel on October 1, 2010 at 9:25pm
Yes, in circumstances Jesus with us in it. Praise the Lord. Haleluja!!! JBY

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