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Matthew 24

What is happening? Is this for real? What do we do next? These are the questions one would create for people from all walks of life. As you read this article, natural calamities, and wars are happening simultaneously. We have never seen them unfold before our eyes—the accusing finger pointed at everyone. Humanity is at its pinnacle of confusion and hate.

Just at the beginning?

Either way, if we use the words start or begin, there will be an ending, a conclusion. The end of this world for humanity is a well-accepted reality. Everything will end at some point. Most so-called experts are still in the arena of argument, presenting their unreliable detailed studies predicting the second coming of the Lord Jesus, which, of course, is a total waste of time. Even with state-of-the-art technology, it is difficult to know the exact time, day, and year the end will come.

With what is happening today, uncertainty is crystal clear for humans, and for Christians, the only way to escape from this is the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, which no doubt had already begun.  

It is in the Gospel.

As we go through this chapter, Christians would agree that we are at the end of times. Many speculate, generating diverse feelings with fear, which sometimes helps, but most of the time does not. Let's get to the point. The dreaded part wherein most of us experience things like wars, famine, and earthquakes is happening at present, creating the most unexpressed horrors in every individual living here on earth (verses 6-8).

How many today are offended, betrayed, and hating one another? Sin is everywhere because the love that Jesus commanded us to do is not with us anymore (verse 12).

The most neglected or taken-for-granted commandment is to preach the Gospel to the world."This is the final part that needs to be completed. "But how many are obeying this commandment? How many of us Christians spread this Gospel Jesus said we must do? This Gospel will serve as a witness, and afterward, the day of reckoning will arrive. Now the question is, "How many of us are involved in sharing this Gospel"? Are we ashamed of this Gospel? These are now the questions we should ask ourselves.

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