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I know you all don't know about my great grandson who is 4 years old, he got molested by an evil man . It all started in May, when his mama left him with her boyfriend. We were at my daughters house for the 4 th of July, and my daughter asked me how can a child get verenal warts? I told her by sexual contact, she said Isaiah had them all aroud his anus. I told her to take him to the ER. The boys daddy and my daughter took them up to the ER. He was examined and the Drs. told my daughter he had been sexually mostled and he had contracted an STD, and will have it the rest of his life and take medicine. The dectivide had a child counsler talk to him, and he showed her everything the man had done and told her his name. Well the stupid Kaufman County Sheriff Dept., kept giving excuses why they weren't picking him and put him in jail? Well on Nov.15nth the dect. called my daughter and said that on Monday after Thanksgiving he would be arrested. We went to my grandsons house on the 20th for our Thanksgiving, and the next morning on my daughters way to church someone called and told her that that evil man had died last night. She called me crying and saying Isaiah finally got justice, and now that man will have to face the One who won't get out on a tectnially. Our Father is a just and Awesome God, we put everything over to God and He did the outcome like He wanted it to go. I just thank God for the way He done everything. She told her grandson that artie had died and she said, "Isaiah started laughing and jumping up and down saying God saved me from artie." You know God says to Trust Him, but sometimes we let satan come and tell us that God isn't going to do anything about it. I felt that way and I know my daughter did, but my preacher and hers said God has it under control. I praise God for what He has done, but I hate the devil who was trying us and making me dought a loving Savior. God is in control even when it doesn't seem like it. Then I remember the Scripture in Proverbs 3:4 & 5 Trust in the Lord and lean not unto thy own understanding always acknowlede Him and He will direct thy paths. Thank You Jesus and thank You God for giving Your Son to die a horriable death on an Old Rugged Cross that we may live. You are worthy Lord of our praises every day and every night. Bless our Country Lord we know You have everything in control. Love and God Bless Ida

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