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They say it's easy to Go to heavens. They said if you made an act of your will, a prayer and a turn away, you'll achieve an answer and the "password" to come near the gate of heavens... Have you heard that WAY is that easy?

Jesus said the way is NARROW.

Any child would infere that, if the way is narrow, the door wouldn't be too big/wide.

Will it be bigger than any street?

I cannot grap how heavens' doors could be, but they're surely not WIDE, yet the main entrance could be short, as for as a camel's door. There, I could not drive in with a car, as if I had one... I could not go there if I wanted and tried to show up bragging about any material achievement I think I own in my earthly stuff.

If i were permitted to Go out there, I guess they will lift me out with no baggage or burdensome troubles.

If i was rejected here, I'll be rejected there. If I'm improperly dressed up here, I don't think they will receive me "there" unfit and nastily as  I am...

Who will you Open your heart doors?

If i knocked at your door, will you Open not asking my own name?

There surely are watchmen and ppl watching me,  before I approached heavens' gate. Do I need a password or a key to be received or welcomed?

It is NOT that I said, "I'm Christian". The a guarding heavenly gates need God's commands, tips and direction: "Let him come in!"

If I'm not ready, I'm not approached. It doesn't matter what I want: there's no free access the road and the door is narrow!

If you think the cheap gospel you heard is correct in saying "all are welcomed" they could be lying, as the RCC has lied long ago. The road is narrow!

You and me need an approval. You and me need a gidly search in the persona we are, the things we did and on the things we keep on doing. We are daily scanned and watched!

(Read the Bible and find it out, at reading Jeremiah 17)

If you think you would enter any place, observe all houses have a ring to sound or a strong door... All about God has a code, a verified process and a further approval that ends when I utterly died.

If men needed to scan our hearts and our intentions, angels surely would check who we are and, what we did will be checked today and tomorrow to see who we really are. I can cheat on women and men, but I can't lure away servants of God.

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Comment by Carla on September 19, 2019 at 7:27pm

Jesus is the door.  John 10:7

Anyway who repents of their sin and believes the gospel (suffering, death and resurrection of Christ) will be saved.

Salvation is only possible thru Jesus, that is what is meant by the narrow way.

Blessings, Carla

Comment by Secular Hermit on September 19, 2019 at 6:52pm
Oh, Thanks !

The predictive keypad spoiled several lines of thoughts... But BETH showed me good and new headlines...

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